Volume 4, Issue 2
by Jo Carbonell




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Do very important people really need to mention it?


Knowing the person she is actually based on, yes she would say something like that if hanging by one hand to a platform over a pit that has an unknown bottom.

Wouldn't you if you knew it would get you help faster?


Being a very important person, I have to say, I tell people how important I am all the time. Nicely done Jo!


*ROFLMFAO* I love you Jenn! You are such a very, very important person to me. Everyone must know how IMPORTANT Jenn is!

keeping those registers clean at work, are ya? ;D


Jenn, Speaking of how very important you are to me, --

you didn't let me repay you back the loan?! WTF??

I even wrote out the check all purty and picked out a nice DC Comics check too! *sniffles*

oh well, I needed the cash anyway. See you on Friday, as per usual?


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