we have a date with the underground, chapter 48
by Turtle Jones

I hate things that don't work out. I really hate when things just fall apart. Well, let me clarify that. I hate working on something for so long to get it to almost work out, almost perfect, then some stupid little thing ruins it all and crushes down what I were trying to accomplish. Like everything I have been trying to do all night was shot to shit cause some stupid insignificant detail! A god damn detail!!!!capt.ncash10103312014.castration_dungeon_ncash101-740836.jpg

Small details should not, NOT be held up to "The Big Picture". So what if I broke something? So what if I kicked his ass? The end was accomplished, right? Right? So what the high holy fuck are you doing pointing out some small mistake that happened along the way? Should that really be brought back into the picture after all was said and done? What kind of human being would do this? What kind of human being would I be if I took this??

This was not how America became the great country it is today. No sir god damn re-Bob. No one sweated the details. We just got the job done and asked the questions later.

If I can take something from nothing and get it almost perfect, shouldn't I get some little reward? Or should some small god damn detail bring my entire accomplishment down like a castle made of cards straight out god damn Hangtown?

I think America, and the world, for that matter, would be a better off place if we took a good look at our lives and what is going on around us before we actually fucked with anyone else about their little mistakes!!

My god!

I am never playing videogames again............

Turtle knows who designed this game and is kicking his ass next time he sees him.

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By the way, you were shooting arrows in your sleep last night. And muttering about slegs.


Jesus, I always hated making last minute mistakes in games and blowing my progress up to that point. You know, fuck the difficulty levels and fuck the sense of accomplishment when you do finally get past that hard part. I'm with the Japanese on this. The games there are generally much harder than the American versions, because they're not so hard up about torturing themselves for hours on end just to get past a level. I think I prefer the Japanese way.

Although I'm still not so sure about those dating simulators.


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