Hello, It's Me
by Matthew Chase

Hello my good friends! It has been a few weeks since my last column, and I have been extremely frustrated with myself and with my computer for making things more difficult than I had anticipated. To clarify, my computer has failed to connect to the internet using the wireless source that was available to me. So I have spent these past few weeks attempting to find a way to connect to the internet to submit my columns to the editors here at FTTW. The good thing I suppose is that I will be starting back at my place of employment this weekend, so this column should reach you by Monday Friday, should the editors decide to keep my space on this site open (ed note: of course we did).

So anyway I have recently been working on settling into my new place, with my new roommate. Things have been going well enough, and we are ironing out our little differences and finding a routine that suits both of us. You see; living with someone at least for me, is a little frustrating and also exciting. Do you notice how little things that normally wouldn’t bother a person, seem to get magnified when there is another person who is doing them? Like leaving wet towels on the floor, or leaving the cap off the toothpaste tube. I tend to leave lights on in the new apartment, and my roommate absolutely hates it and gives me a good natured ribbing every time I do it. I have no idea what makes me continue to forget to throw that switch as I leave the room, but for some reason I do it so often that no amount of reprimand will completely break me of this habit. Though I do try hard to remember, every other day I leave the light on in the bathroom without thinking and my new roommate gives me quite a talking to about the price of electricity, and sometimes a smart smack upside the head. Personally I get frustrated when he comes home and changes the channel on the TV, no matter what I am watching that afternoon. I suppose the reason he might do that is because, he has been living here so long he is used to being the only one at home. I do my best to accommodate him, and we usually agree on what to put on the boob tube. Sometimes it does just irk me that I will be watching an expose on Britney Spears fall from grace, and he’ll come in and change the channel to an episode of “Star Trek”.

Now I actually like that particular show and a few of its spin-off series. Most notably “Voyager” Who’s “Captain Janeway” played by Kate Mulgrew is by far the most human of all the captains in the Star Trek franchise. However, I really wanted to see the rest of the “Fall of Britney” before the channel was changed. Does this frustrate anyone else? Other than the little things that annoy both my roommate and me, we are both happy to be living with one another once again. (Our last venture was a little under five years ago.) badroomy.gifI have to say that after living so long on my own, it is wonderful to have someone to talk to and vent after a particularly stressful or eventful day. Though neither of us is in a relationship currently, it will be nice in the future to bounce ideas off one another. Not to mention get a third party perspective on any given situation.

Bandit, my lovely mutt; is also adjusting really well to the new living situation. Here, there are birds and trees and a little brook running nearby, and other dogs for him to play and interact with. I am also happy to be back in the wilderness. I have lived in the “city” (if you can call it that) for the better part of the past three years, and I missed living out in the woods, where I could see the stars and go for long wilderness walks right outside my front door. This location is BEAUTIFUL. There are few neighbors and wonderful views. The other night I was outside having a cigarette, and looked up to see the most brilliant stars I have seen in almost two years! I forgot that the lights of the city tend to drown out the natural brilliance that is the night sky! I spent a good half an hour just looking up and taking numerous deep breaths. It was all very relaxing and beautiful. It’s a shame that many people have never seen what a true night sky looks like without the presence of street lights and traffic buzzing all about.

As of this week we also have some construction people in the house remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom. Actually what’s neat about the bathroom here is that there are two separate rooms. One for the shower and one for the toilet. Each room has a sink and a medicine cabinet. So both my roomie and I can have our own spot for our toiletries. The room with the shower is getting a remodel soon. And the people working on the kitchen are here as I write. The noise is excruciatingly loud and I can barely hear myself think. I will be glad when they are finished, but I am happy to know that soon the kitchen will be large enough to maneuver in without bumping
into a wall when making a pizza.

I think all these changes will be kind of good for my roommate and I as well, because by changing the layout of the home, both of us will be able to work together to put the house back together, and thusly make it more of a place for both of us as opposed to a place for one of us with the other just crashing in a spare room. I enjoy re-arranging furniture and finding new ways to set up a home. So slowly but surely this place is becoming a great escape from the outside world for both of us. I have, over the past few weeks, re-connected with a number of old friends I haven’t seen in years, taken a few long walks, and generally used the spare time I have had to HErecuperate from the move to my new place, and to just relax and recharge my batteries. Isn’t it great to take time to yourself?

In closing for this week I want to thank my faithful readers for their patience while I go through all of these life changes, and to apologize to the editors here at FTTW for my lack of communication during that time. Things have been a bit crazier than I originally anticipated, and I have been bad about meeting my deadlines during that time, and bad about letting them know what was going on. Now that I am back in the workforce, I can afford to set up my home with an internet connection, and begin to put things back in order! Until next week, May you find happiness in the days to come, and may you find just what you’re looking for! Don’t worry about me, I’m a drag queen. What do I know?

Matthew is waiting for the premiere of the The Fall of Captain Janeway



Good to see you back. I have lived in the woods for the past 15 years, I don't think I could ever live in the city again.


Welcome back dude!

Time for self... I'll have to look that one up.


Goo to have you back, Dude. Enjoy the woods! I've lived in the woods for almost 20 years now and like Richard says, I could never go back.


Good to have you back, Dude. Enjoy the woods! I've lived in the woods for almost 20 years now and like Richard says, I could never go back.


Glad to hear that you, JaWa, Bandit and Mr. Big are settling in well. Good luck with the renovations.

The house you just moved out of is being cleaned up and renovated as well. The yard is actually all cleaned up and mowed at the moment! The porches even got cleaned off.

Note for you: Maurice, the new owner, trashed all your mail (and I think 1 package) and ripped your name off the mailbox. Chris and Nick are the only people living in the building now.


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