Holy H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks...
by Deb Beckers

Man, are these Semi’s fun to watch or what? Fast skatin’, hard hittin’ – whooot. I don’t even mind staying up for the West Coast games!

Eastern Conference

Sabres (1) v. Rangers (6)

Series tied 2 – 2

The SABRES were robbed. With 17 seconds left in a 2-1 game Buffalo’s Briere was denied, not by Lundqvist, but by the goal judges in Toronto who obviously don’t know anything about physics.

Oh well, maybe it was payback for the goal the Rangers lost because of a kicked in puck in the previous game. Or maybe it was something far more sinister... Bettman was in the stands with his blackberry (seriously – they showed him at least twice), I’d put my money on him (or a flunky) calling Toronto and telling them to make it a non-goal.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just sayin’...

Game 5 is tonight (in Buffalo)

Devils (2) v. Senators (4)

Ottawa leads 3 – 1

sens.gif Dany Heatly had a great night for the Sens in game 4 (assist and an unassisted goal), helping the team take an outstanding lead in the series. His flukey (he was TRYING for the goalpost so teammate Spezza could get a good shot) goal off Brodeur’s back skate really got the arena shaking.

The Sens defence is slowly, but surely wearing the Devils down, but they (the Devils) are showing some real spark. Brodeur is a joy to watch and Gomez and Gionta get in Emery’s face. But they’re going to have to keep their heads and keep pulling the Sens into stupid fekking penalties if they want to survive to the next round.

Game 5 is Saturday at New Jersey

Western Conference

Red Wings (1) v. Sharks (5)

Series tied 2 – 2

Game four was another game, this playoff season that ended in a tie at the end of three by a goal scored in the dying seconds of the period. Let me tell you, it certainly makes you take nothing for granted, even if there’s a second left! Very exciting!!

The momentum seems to be shifting in Detroit’s favour with their comeback and overtime goal in game 4. The Sharks were sitting back and totally blew the last minute, giving the Wings the chance they were looking for. Hasek is looking good though.

The Sharks had to withstand a review of Marcel Goc’s weird goal where he banked the puck of a Detroit defenseman and over the shoulder of Hasek. He did it on purpose, really... Seriously though?!?!? The Sharks need to wake up and start playing hockey instead of golf. They really weren’t in the last game at all, even though they lead (2-0 at one point).

Game 5 is Saturday at Detroit

Ducks (2) v. Canucks (3)

selanne.jpg Anaheim leads 3 – 1, for now...

The Mooses Selanne’s mashed up face isn’t pretty, but the teams play has certainly been lately (or maybe all season – I donno). They’re finally getting angry with themselves for letting what they see as their own second rate game play put them in the position of coming from behind, again and again. I’d say it’s just another Saturday night for them, but it’s Thursday.

The Canucks, on the other hand, can’t seem to find a break. They have a goalie who is a contender for both the Vezina and Hart Trophy’s and his offence is letting him down. They need to find a way of getting under the Duck’s feathers and staying there. Scoring first and taking the lead hasn’t worked, maybe they should let the Ducks score first and they come back and win by 5 goals or something ridiculous like that. Or the Ducks could just retire this series early and wait to see who’s going to kick their arses in the next round...


Game 5 was Thursday in Anaheim. I hope Vancouver stays alive.

Deb likes hockey all the time – TWO SHOTS! UH UH!!!

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No, Deb.

No they did not stay alive.

Now which one of you dumb motherfuckers is next?


Vancouvers goalie was a son of a bitch to get thru, though...

But we did...


Vancouver is DEAD.



Stop making Deb Cry. She is crying like you will be when the Sharks knock y'all out in the next round...



Deb I told you the Hockey Gods were vindictive. That being said, please don't let the Wings into the Conf final. Thank you Hockey Gods. You are so awesome.


i wonder who the ducks will be playing against for the Cup?


You are de-lusional my friend. No one will play them for a cup of coffee.


Please and thank you Les Gods d'hockey.


No one will play them for a cup of coffee.


all you Canadian teams are just a bunch of status quo pussies...



Hey thanks Hockey Gods... Detroit is leading 3-2 now.

If they win it it will make my choice to root for in the West really easy.


Dammit I hate Detroit. Go Ducks!


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