In Which Deb Writes About Hockey
by Deb Beckers

5 more wins ‘till the cup for my beloved, but much yelled at Sens. =) And a hard road ahead for the Wings and Ducks...

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Western Semi

Detroit (1) v. Anaheim (2)
Detroit lead the series 2-1
Next game is last night (get in your not-so way back machine) at Anaheim.

So the pretty boy got suspended. Boo Fucking Hoo. He deserved it, it was a stupid thing to do – a blindside blow to the head? Dumbass. He’s the teams leading scorer in the playoffs and Duck fans better fucking hope they can keep it together on the blue line, because you KNOW that the Wings are not going to let them have any slack after the stitches and their 5-0 whooping of the Ducks asses in the last game.

detroit-ana.jpg The Ducks were a complete mess the last game, stupid penalties, sloppy passing and plays – You just cant DO that at this level, at this time of the season.

Desperate hockey is never pretty, but it’s going to be fun as hell to watch.


Eastern Semi

Ottawa (4) v. Buffalo (1)
Sens lead the series 3-1
Next game is Saturday night in Buffalo.

After scoring the second fastest playoff goal in NHL History at 9 seconds (the fastest was 6 seconds, by LA in 1977) I knew that the Sabres had this game. Even when the Sens actually realized that they were playing hockey mid-way through the second period and scored two within seconds near the end of two, I knew that they were destined to lose this game.

Ottawa out-shot the Sabres 33-22, at least 20 of those were actual “chances". The Sabres blocked 18 of Ottawa shots. The Sens OWNED the third period, even controlling the puck during the Sabres' power play, but they just couldn’t score. Miller was like a pig built brick house!

There have been only two teams in the history of the NHL who have come back from a three game deficit. The 1942 Leafs and the 1975 Isles, both were teams of legend. Does Buffalo have the same caliber of players? Probably not, but they do have one hell of a goalie.


Deb thinks Michael Bublé looks like that jock in high school who was such an ass to everyone, but she still likes him. Damn history and the repeating of itself!

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Ducks won without Pronger. Series tied 2-2.



we did pretty good without him.....


...Yeah Yeah Yeah - I was wrong. Won't be the last time neither =P

I still don't like them.


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