Mommy Gets Away
by Bonnie MeyerRosa

The last time you were here at Raising Hell I was freaking out a bit. I was ready to drive away, never look back, look for hotties, etc. Well, last Friday I kept driving! It was a planned escape but an escape nonetheless!! I left the husband home with the kids, dog, cat and fish and never looked back! I didn’t even leave instructions or a list of activities for the weekend. I headed out...I headed out for Girls Weekend.amazinglarrystrickes.JPG

Every 6 months or so I try to get together with my girlfriends from college. You know that group of girls who are always at the end of the bar, blind drunk, singing their heads off and getting ready to take off their shirts for free shots? That was us! We were a group of about 10 back then but have slimmed down to a group of 5 that we call “the core”. Four of us are married, three of us have children, and one is still leading the single life....we get together at her place. It is the only “men-free” “kid-free” zone that is available! We still find ourselves blind drunk, singing our heads off and taking off our shirts, but now we are safe in the house. We don’t bounce back quite as quickly the next day so we usually just sit around talking, playing dominoes and watching endless hours of Sex and the City. Sometimes we go shopping and out to dinner but most of the time we don’t leave the house. This past weekend we decided to celebrate that we are all turning 30 this year. We hit the spa for a day of pampering, and as you can guess from my last post, I needed it! We had massages, facials, pedicures, and numerous other indulgent procedures and then headed out
to a nice dinner with lots of wine. During my massage I kept catching myself thinking about what I should be doing at home. “Stop thinking and just relax”. This was my mantra this weekend. While sitting and getting my pedicure I realized that I had been doing NOTHING but sitting or lying down for 4 hours. I haven’t sat for that long in 5 ½ years! People were attending to MY needs. I was focusing on ME! Did I feel guilty - you bet your ass I didn’t!

As I was driving home on Sunday I felt peace. I was looking forward to the chaos that I knew was waiting for me at home but I was ready for it. I was ready to be mom and wife again. I also realized that I need to take more time for myself on a regular basis. I don’t need sit for 4 hours being massaged and primped but a nice book in a quiet park wouldn’t be bad every once in a while. That’s not selfish, that’s what’s going to keep me from driving past my driveway and into the great beyond. That’s what’s going to keep me appreciative for what I have as well as making those around me appreciate me too!

Take the time for yourself, to re-charge, re-balance, and re-focus...your family will thank you for it!

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Paraffin treatments are pretty nice.

Don't ask me why I know this.


Dave - we've had this conversation before I the paraffin!!


As long as I know I've got my hour and a half massage therapy scheduled once a month, I can just about survive anything.


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