My Favourite Kind Of Quickie
by Deb Beckers

We’re two games in and for the Ottawa Senators it’s 6 Games until they hold the Cup of Cups in their smelly, smelly hands.

Oh and the Ducks didn’t totally suck yesterday.

Sens%20-%20Sabres.JPGEastern Division

Buffalo (1) at Ottawa (4)

Ottawa Leads Series 2-0

Ottawa is kicking ass. They played for three whole periods on Saturday, unfortunately so did the Sabres; Even if they couldn’t match the Sens hard hitting, consistent playing and hot goalie (who is ALSO hot BTW).

Speaking of Emery... He’s running his mouth again (he suggested that there is nothing to do in Buffalo - *shocking*), so you know it’s going to be an interesting series. In one fell swoop he managed to piss off the city of Buffalo. But it’s Buffalo, so no one cares – All the Buffalo fans cross the border from Canada anyway (the tickets are about 400% cheaper than trying to get decent Leaf tickets).

With Spezza streaking and Alfie playing better than he has in years (he’s playing like Mats Sundin SHOULD be playing) the Sens are poised to deliver the death blow at home.

If I can breathe properly.


Western Division

Wings%20-%20Ducks.jpgDetroit (1) at Anaheim (2)

Series is Tied at 1-1

Truthfully? I fully expected the Ducks to take this series; and then I actually paid attention to a western game (shocking, I know). Detroit wants it. They really really want it and they are not afraid to resort to actually playing good hockey to get it.

Hasek is looking stronger than strong (as long as he doesn’t have to handle the puck), Datsyuk is scoring, Lindstrom is playing a good 30 minutes a game and the Wings have only lost one game since Homer (Holmstrom) came back from an eye injury.

The Ducks got it together for game 2, playing a strong first period. Then they slowed down, if not for their excellent defense – there would have been no overtime. Stepford Husband Pronger has become a force to be reckoned with, also averaging 30 minutes per game, more than their other go-to guy Niedermayer and Selanne is finally connecting with the puck.

Another fun series to watch.

Go Wings!

Deb is Rollin’ – Everyone else is stoned

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Well the Sabres lost last night and it's 3-0 Ottawa now.

This makes me happy. I hate those damn Sabres.

Go Ducks!



I thought it would be Buffalo. What the hell happened to them?

Looks like it's Sens-Ducks for the cup.

And you know who I want.



What an AWESOME game last night. Sabres goalie Miller stopped almost 30 shot (emery only had to handle 15), and he wasn't giving an inch.

If the Sabres had played like the did in the last two minutes the entire game? Totally different outcome.

Is it just me or have all the series this year been really good ones?


There is stuff to do in Buffalo. Go look at the waterfall or somethin.

Either way, I'm rooting for the Sens. And the DUCKS.


There's the Archor Bar for wings... The Galeria... Dress Barn...

The Canadian side of the falls is WAY more fun. We have a wax museum and two casinos.


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