There’s A Tear In My Beer
by Cullen James

Be it a particularly poignant wail of a guitar, the subject matter of a particular tune, or the memories associated with the music, certain songs hit home a bit more than others.

THM_CryingCB01.jpgSo, as part of a guilty pleasure/full confession, I ask, what songs make you cry?

Not cry in pain or shame over how horribly awful the song is or how much you used to like that Michael Jackson song when you were in 5th grade. No, what song(s) wrenches your guts? What song(s) make you stop and think about the past, or stop and think about where you’re at in your life?

I hate to get maudlin on you, but this subject hit me the other day when I heard the one song that’ll send me to tears faster than anything – Conway Twitty’s “That’s My Job.” I don’t know exactly why, but for me this song is like a freaking switch for my tear glands. Conditioned response or something, I’m not sure. I guess I really identify strongly with the subject matter and now I feel this way both for my own dad and for my children.

There have been other songs at certain times that may have caused a catch in my throat, but this is the only song that gets me every time.

So, what are yours? Come on, we’re all friends here. Or, we’re all ready to laugh at you for crying over a song you damn crybaby.

Cullen also cries when he hears the theme from "Gunsmoke" so he ain't no sissy

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Elton John's "Indian Sunset." It's a beautiful song about the extinction of the Indians--beautiful lyrics, and the melody and harmony themselves are gutwrenching.


Conway rules.


Well, pretty much any Neil Diamond ballad will bring tears to my eyes, but that may be cause I'm smacking my thumb with a hammer.


I'm a complete sap, I cry over anything that's got some real emotion in it.

From almost any version of "Amazing Grace" to Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" to Toby Keith's "American Soldier" to U2's "It's a Beautiful Day." Hell, I tear up during most episodes of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition."

Complete wuss. Guilty.


Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. EVERY time I hear it, I bust out the hanky. Gross.. I know.. Can't help it.


I've been known to cry at Hallmark commercials so this is pretty easy for me.

Songs that will make me tear up every time:

Fake Plastic Trees and Let Down both by Radiohead.

Play Crack the Sky by Brand New

Stone the Crow by Down

There's more but I'm on limited lunch time here.


Let me second Marissa's choice of "Butterfly Kisses"...I danced to this song with my daddy at my wedding, and it totally gets me going.

Others are:

"Remember When" by Alan Jackson,
"If I Should Fall Behind" by Bruce Springsteen,
"Fire and Rain" by James Taylor and
"All I Need" by Mat Kearney


"That's My Job" is a killer, but the worst one for me is "Daddy's Hands" by Holly Dunn.

And in the non-country vein, for some reason it gets dusty in EVERY room where "Wish You Were Here" is playing. Weird.


And in the non-country vein, for some reason it gets dusty in EVERY room where "Wish You Were Here" is playing. Weird.

Not weird at all. I prefer an acoustic version to the original though. Wish I could remember who it was on 12-String that did it in the 80s.


old man by neil young always gets me a little sad


Well, anything by Nickelback has me sobbing in paroxysms of agony . . . oh wait, you mean the OTHER type of crying. My bad.

I guess "Luckenbach, Texas" and "London Homesick Blues" get me just about every time and if I'm traveling, "Chickamauga" by Uncle Tupelo makes me homesick. Chet Baker's cover of "Almost Blue" is a stone killer too.


Going Home by Screeching Weasel (cowritten with Aaron Cometbus). About how so many of us live in fear. I've seen the song acted out in real life... I fucking hate seeing people living like that.

"Is it the way I look or just cause I'm a man?/
It would be easier to take if I didn't understand/
Why you need to worry"

I feel fucking sick when I walk down the street and some old, or young lady locks her car door because she sees me coming.


I cry when I hear the BU (Baylor) version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Cause I was out there on that opening Bb.


Harry Chapin's Cats in the Cradle used to do it.

The U2 and Green Day rendition of The Saints Are Coming that September night last year in the Superdome did it.


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