Twist of Daisy
by Cullen James

I wanted to do something a little different this week, so here’s my first-ever vlog:

See. Right there. Vlog. Cullen gets technology in action. I'm all impressed

Because I'm All About the Guitar Archives


Great idea, Cullen! This came out great. And nice job on the Danzig song.


ha ha!

that ruled!


Cullen that was AWESOME and by the way no more trying to pull of that whole 'I suck at the guitar' thing, (which I never believed anyway).

I like that little Daisy thing. I got my daughter an Ibanez Mikro-Axe a few months ago for the same reason. Still a little big for her but she really likes it.


Thanks guys. Of course, you just witnessed me at my best.

I started the girls on lessons last Thursday. I'm excited because right now all they want to do is pick up their guitars and play. "Play" being beat on the strings and try and sing along. But, they'll get the hang of it.


Cullen that was fantastic! I really dig the daisy guitar! Danzig never sounded so good!


I finally got around to watching this. If I click on a video from work, the entire site gets banned within a week as "High Band Width."

That rocked.


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