Do You Need Music On To Fuck?
by courtney

That question is as much a rhetorical one as anything: one to ponder, but not really answer. Then again, one man’s Viagra is another man’s Barry White. Maybe it’s something in the rhythm of the song, or a lyric, but there are songs out there that just make me want to touch and be touched. I mean really, all mix tapes serve one of two purposes—the hook up or the break up. At least in my universe, that’s been the case. And, if I ever put “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin on a mix for you, rest assured I want to see you naked.

MassiveAttackMezzanine.jpgSo, in honor of Wednesday being the age-old hump day, I bring you my top five tunes to set the mood.

1. “Whisper”, Morphine. Ok, in all fairness, Morphine should not even be listened to before the sun goes down; daylight does not become them. However, Whisper has its own special seductiveness to it. Really. Just lean in close. You’ll hear what you want to hear.

2. “No Ordinary Love”, Sade. It’s long, and slinky, and slow. The way your fingers should be. A little soft rock, to be sure, but listen to this song just once and tell me you don’t want to find someone to slowly and gently devour you with a kiss.

3. “Teardrop”, Massive Attack. Particularly right after the Sade. Now you’re just making each other crazy.

4. “Supervixen”, Garbage. This is for the dominatrix in you. Bow down to me, indeed. There’s also a certain strip tease element to this track that is particularly attractive. Just go with it. Feathers optional.

5. “I Want You”, the Beatles. So heavy. And to the point. And at this point, if you’re not naked, there’s something wrong with you.

Go here for the tunes. Use them well.

Courtney is sending a Zeppelin mix tape to the editing staff first thing tomorrow morning

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the audio hosting service is being a little wanky right now. hopefully, it will be resolved soon.


I can't even get an erection unless the Weather Network is on in the background.


Good list. Put mine up, and it varies slightly. Time for a mix CD, methinks.


Because the Night
Any version but 10,000 Maniacs'.

For Zepplin, gotta be Kashmir.

And almost any New Agey thing. We usually start with massages and then...nevermind, time for a shower.


you don't need music to fuck, only an opportunity.

but to all the fellas out there, should you feel the need, i personally recommend some Cody ChesnutTT. the droors will be off in no time.


How about "Closer" by NIN?..


Dirt by the Stooges
I Need Somebody by the Stooges
I Wanna Be Your Dog by the Stooges
Penetration by the Stooges
Loose by the Stooges

The Stooges.


Europa - Santana.

Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

Those two come to mind, you'll pardon the pun. Probably due to some fond memories.


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