Hockey In June
by Deb Beckers

So, hockey...

What's going on in hockey? Ummmm...

Some team won some cup or something, I don't know - who pays attention to these things, especially in JUNE...

03ottawa.600.1.jpgWell according to NBC? Nobody. NBC recorded their lowest numbers EVER for a prime-time slot for the final game of the Stanley Cup finals (EVER, not just for a sports event). That means High Mountain Rangers
(a show from the 80's that only me and my friend Lisa watched) had a better Neilsen rating.

This is not right people, not right at all. Hockey is one of the toughest sports to play and is (usually) one of the most exciting to watch, there is constant action. I mean if Americans can embrace two of the most boring sports ever to be introduced to humankind (baseball and figure skating) why not the great game of hockey? Seriously! Why the fuck not?

It's time for new life and a new direction for the NHL. Rule changes and salary caps are not going to do it, we need drastic action:

ducks_cup_325x235.jpg1. Get RID of Bettman, for the love of Dog! Get someone who understands hockey, marketing and doesn't have a Napoleon complex.

2. Get rid of at least 1/3 of the expansion teams. Don't just MOVE them, close them down. This will give us a better chance of GREAT, marketable teams making a final that more than Turtle and I will care about.

What else?

The Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup. Why did they win? They won because they were the better team, because the Sens couldn't figure out the Ducks defense and because of one lucky jersey and some nipple rubs.

Congrats on a deserved win boys, I'm just sorry that no one in California cares enough to notice.

Deb needs a personal assistant to tell her what day of the week it is.

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That's right. Someone recognizes the glorious power of my boobs. My name should be inscribed on the Cup.



Hell, bring back Adams, Norris, Smythe, and Patrick.


Congrats Turtle! Sorry Deb! For what it's worth I was leaning towards the Ducks but I really liked both teams so it was kind of a win-win situation for me. I think this can be a real win-win for this organization... Let's go after that low hanging fruit.

Ok. Now that that's over, 92 days until football!!

Maybe I should write a post or something one of these days.. hmm.


Maybe like....tomorrow :)


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