Wherein Deb Tries To Drink Her Way Out Of Depression
by Deb Beckers

Okay not (totally) really, but Jesus FUCK. What happened to the Senators?

Let me explain to you what kind of fan I am. I am not the type of fan that makes excuses, you will NEVER hear me say the “It must have been the time off between games” or “Heatley must be nursing a secret injury”, that’s not me. You want to know why they are sucking the fat lad?


Fast forwards? Checked into the boards face first.

spezza-jason-cp-070530.jpg Solid defense? Haven’t seen them yet.

Non reliance on their goaltender? I am LOLing all over the place right now.

Shots in the game on Wednesday were about 2-1 for Anaheim. But for the grace of Emery the score SHOULD have been at least 6-0 IN THE FIRST FEKKING PERIOD.

But there is still hope... When Anaheim scored with about 5 minutes left in the third on Wednesday, Ottawa woke up. They were fast, they were pressuring and Gigi (goaltender for the Ducks) was REALLY on his game (considering he hadn’t had that much work for 55 odd minutes).

So there’s hope.

Anaheim... Truth? I don’t hate them, really... I hate what they have represented in the past. Big business, commercialism, fancy pants, not old time hockey. Essentially everything that Bettman loves.

They’ve surprised me thus far; I just hope it doesn’t continue. Hard hitting, their defense is just a WALL... I shouldn’t really be surprised – they are mostly Canadian eh?!

Deb is taking a nap, a poutine and beer one.

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but the ducks are so cute...

how can you hate them?

/you are softening Deb.....


I bet Ottawa comes back on their home ice. I'm rooting for the Ducks but I hope it goes at least 6 games.


if the ducks win, I'll do a photoshoot of just me, nekid, wearing my Ducks jersey.

hell, I'll do that if they lose to.

I just want to get nekid.


Umm..if you are wearing the jersey then you are not nekid.

I say you paint the ducks logo on your dick.


Big Ducks fan (gave a very good friend of mine an original Ducks jersey) but I too hope for at least 6 games.


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