Faster Than the World was founded in May 2006, by Michele and Turtle.


The Turtle

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Really, he runs this thing like a band manager runs a tour. It's worked for us so far.

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About Turtle and Michele

We're two people who share many common interests. Our mutual love of writing, making people laugh, punk rock and fast cars is what gave us the idea to put this site together and it has just grown from there.

michele 009The Turtle is an anonymous kinda guy from many, many places in California. He's lived just about everywhere in that state and is leaving his beloved homeland to take up residence in New York. He's a punk rocker who spent about ten years playing and touring with various bands. He is retired from the music business and is now a tech guy.

black no. 1Michele is a not so anonymous chick from Long Island. She's a government employee with two teenage kids and leads a pretty non-typical suburban life that does not include an SUV or soccer tournaments, but does include lots of video games, comic books and a pretty sweet action figure collection.

Michele and Turtle make a pretty good team. In fact, they work so well together they have decided to become a permanent "team" and will be getting married in November of 2007. You're all invited to a party that weekend. But bring your own beer. Because we can't afford to get you all drunk.

About the Site

A lot goes on at FTTW and it's growing every day. We started out as a small blog, just two of us writing about punk rock and fast cars and we have now evolved into a magazine format, with regular contributors writing on a variety of topics on a weekly basis, and Turtle and Michele doing their regular thing every night.

Turtle and Michele both do a recurring column on their own in addition to their nightly stories:

A continuing series of sometimes funny, always entertaning stories about Turtle's days playing with some punk rock bands. Stories about life on the road, playing shows and all the things that come with that kind of career. Sometimes these stories get a bit heavy and you should probably read the disclaimer before diving into this series.

Michele has been obsessed with video games since she first played Pong back in the dark ages. She'll be using this space to cover video games from Pong and pinball and Zork all the way up the latest consoles and games. But be warned, she mostly likes to talk about the old days.

The nightly Turtle and Michele stories cover a variety of things:

Life is weird when you have two people on opposite coasts trying to live in each other's time frame. You get all kinds of fucked up in the head. And when that happens, these late night posts happen. Stories about LSD and mescaline, riots, evil arcade games, Barney Rubble getting it on with Charles Ingalls while Laura goes blind.....damn that three hour time difference, it really messes with you.

We're both a bit on the obsessive compulsive side, so list making is just a natural thing for us. We've got 100 best punk songs, favorite Misfits songs, punk albums of the 80's and more. Lists! We love them! We're gonna make a list of all the lists we want to make! We're gonna make a list of all the Little House episodes! No, no we're not. No. Maybe.

Album reviews? Not really. More like thoughts on how these albums made us feel at the time, or make us feel now. One thing we pride ourselves on here at FTTW is how we try to always write with emotion. No clinical reviews from us. Everything we write about, we put all of our feelings into. So you don't get standard album reviews. You get us going off on our reactions to the music, or what was happening to us when the album came out, or sometimes it takes us completely off topic and somehow a Supersuckers song has one of us writing about Laura Ingalls going blind.

Part of the reason we started writing together is because we realized we had a mutual love of muscle cars. While Turtle craves a 72 Barracuda and Michele craves a 71 Chevelle SS, we both agree that classic muscle cars kick all kinds of ass and we started off our little site by writing about that. But it's not just muscle cars here. Sometimes we make fun of cars (see, Pacer). Sometimes there are fictional cars. Again, we put our feelings into this. We're not going to tell you what's under the hood of a '69 Mustang; we're going to tell you what caressing that hood feels like. Car porn? Maybe.

Both Turtle and Michele love music. We are almost always rocking out while working on FTTW. So once in a while one of us will ask the question: What's playing right now? What does Turtle have in the CD player? What's on Michele's winamp? Whatever song it is, we do a short review of it. This gets tricky. Because while we try to put forth some kind of punk cred here, sometimes we get caught with our pants down. So to speak. Maybe you'll get Madonna. Air Supply. We don't lie. We admit to our musical shortcomings. And then ask you to do the same.

We love movies. Horror movies, action movies, sci-fi, cheesy 80's movies starring Mr. Patrick Swayze. So we review, analyze, make fun of, fight about and examine the movies that shaped our lives. We do polls and surveys and movie games and sometimes argue over whether or not that Swayze is the most underrated actor ever. Or if the Ewoks deserved to die.

We did a series of posts on World Cup 2006. Even if you don't like soccer or football or whatever you want to call it, you'll still enjoy our coverage. Because we did what we do best. Go off topic. We've got sex toys and Italian food and other crazy stuff in addition to an explanation of magic spray and Turtle's stories of the World Cup games he attended.

This site was founded partly on punk rock and a love of good music. Most of our posts have related songs included with them. This is the entire lists of songs we have used on the site. Please read the disclaimer on the link and remember to support the artists by purchasing the music you like. Right click, save as.

FTTW is way more than Turtle and Michele. In fact, it's about to become a showcase for some very talented writers, including our co-editor and all around "go to" guy, thefinn, who helps hold FTTW together. Click on each image for the writer's archives.

There are more writers to come. We've just scratched the surface of what FTTW is shaping up to be.

If you have written something you would like to submit to FTTW for a one time shot, or if you would like to become a regular contributor, please email us at with your ideas. Please include "submissions" in the header of your email

Suggestions, Etc.
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