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Name: Keith. The token homo at FTTW. As far as I know, anyway.

Location: The Coldest State in the Lower Forty Eight.

Favorite Album: Changes weekly, depending on my blood sugar. I like most stuff, excluding country and rap. (There are exceptions even there.) I favor straight-ahead rock, but also dip into sugar pop and metal. Avril Lavigne, however, can kiss my big gay ass.

Favorite Car: 69 Mustang Mach One in Candy Apple Red. Totally fucking hot.

Favorite Movie: Dozens of 'em. Empire, Dirty Dozen, Singin' in the Rain, Dangerous Liaisons, and any number of others. I'm all over the map.

What makes me better than everyone else? Gay men are in touch with the masculine and the feminine at the same time. I understand it all, bitches.

Do I have a website? Yes. Susskins Central Dispatch. Wipe your feet when you come in, you pig. I just cleaned up in here. And use a coaster!