BIOName:It's certainly not Melodi.

Location: Suburban hell.

Favorite Album: I don't have one. I think that qualifies me as "musical dipshit", but I'm not certain yet if I care.

Favorite Car: Anything Hot Wheels. Show up with a Matchbox car at my house, and you're going home with no snack.

Favorite Movie: I don't even have a favorite movie. I'm starting to think I suck or something. I love tons of movies, Blazing Saddles, The Waterboy, The American President, High Anxiety. I think that's a sufficient list.

What makes me better than everyone else? Clearly it's the fact I cannot make a decision on what any of my favorite things are. I like being stuck in the land of indecision on a daily basis.

Do I have a website? Nope. I can barely keep Michele and Turtle off my ass about writing for this one. Why in hell would I try to do another?