Amie- Volume I, Issue I
Name: J. W. Carbonell

Location: Rutland, Vermont

Favorite Album: "Blood-letting" - Concrete Blonde

Favorite Car: 1957 Chevy Bel Air - mint green

Favorite Movie: American Pop

What makes me better than everyone else?: I can draw really well and I'm a redhead.

Do I have a website?: Sure do. I have multiple sites. Here they are

Yahoo Group Page


Amie at Deviant Art

Deviant Art Page

J.W. Carbonell

Was born in Rutland, Vermont to loving hippy parents. From the age that she could hold a crayon in her hands, she's been drawing on everything (Walls, paper, people). J.W. has been an artist all her life (all 28 years of it) and has plans to be a storyteller in the graphic novel format. Six years ago she started her first comic strip called "Another Day...". She used the only insiration she had, her friends. About 3 years ago, after most of her inspiration had moved away, she put aside A.D. to start a new comic called simply "Amie" (it means "friend" in French). She began Amie not really knowing where it would go, if anywhere. Amie is now on 5 different websites and hopefully in the future she will get offered to draw for a paycheck. J.W. moved back to Rutland (from the south) at the age of 15 y/o and has remained in her hometown since. Today she's still drawing Amie and hopes that everyone enjoys her comic as much as she likes drawing it.