Ms. Pac-Man is a Whore
Wii Will Wii Will Rock You
Video Game Crack
Evil Otto
Rally X - Best Video Game Car
Special When Lit

name: Michele, Method Man, "bird" if you are a turtle

location: Lawn Guyland, land of the strip mall

favorite album: currently digging the collective catalogs of Fu Manchu, QOTSA, SNFU, Hellacopters, Swingin Utters and Alice in Chains.

favorite car: 71 Chevelle SS. Black. I'd have sex with that car.

favorite movie: The Big Lebowski. The dude abides. Ok, I'm a Star Wars geek, too. 5,4,3,6,1,2

what makes you better than everyone else? I have a turtle.

website: click the home button down there, yo.