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Midamor General Information

Co-amilofruse (trade names include: Midamor / Amifru / Frumil) is a combination of two diuretic medicines: amiloride and furosemide.

Co-amilofruse is used to treat fluid retention (edema).

Co-amilofruse is available under the trade name Amifru.

Each tablet contains furosemide 40 mg and amiloride 5 mg.


Recommendations for Co-amilofruse

Take this medicine as directed by your doctor.

The usual recommended dosage for adults in 1 or 2 tablets taken in the morning.


What Co-amilofruse Contains?

Active ingredients: amiloride, furosemide.


How much does Co-amilofruse cost?

The price for Co-amilofruse starts at $0.75