Sudden Valley Ranch

Richard is 30-something, but he's been reading for almost 20 years. His reading is much better than his writing, which is sometimes funny, occasionally thoughtful, usually nonsensical, and always pointless. He is currently awaiting inspiration to write the great novel that he has been told he should already have in the bottom drawer of his roll-top desk. Lazy and uneducated, he manages to be pretentious and condescending much of the time.

After two years, his weblog is still under 100 posts, so let's all pray or burn some incense that he will kick it into gear here at fttw.

"Pontificay-yation is Makin' Me Cray-yay-yay-eeyaaay-eezay" was his first choice of title for this column, but that's really long and only understood by old people and ketchup historians. True to that title however, he will use this space to disseminate great knowledge on a multitude of subjects that he actually knows nothing about.

Life Is Worth Living (Mostly)
Daren Displeased
Not Older, Better (yeah, right bwahahaha!)
Amazing, Perhaps (Interesting, perhaps not)
Why Is That? (Why not, I haven't considered)
Speaking of Birthdays (we were, right?)
A Tax On Stupidity? (I'll Be Bankruptided!)
Honesty is Lonely (lonely baby gonna cry?)
I Have Flunked the Internets (repeatedly)
Welcome to MyFace, Have a Seat (Part 2)
Watching That's So Raven in my Underwear (How she got in there, I'll never know)
Madge No Longer Relevant (but telling people makes them doubt it)
TV Party Tonight (Alllllright!!)
Two Tickets to Paradise: Help Me Help You
Bring a Photo or Something and I'll Sign it, or Something
MySpace, YourSpace, Get Outta MyFace
Hobo-lifting Aroma (or Stop Being So Lazy)
Who Do You Want to Be?
Can We Forgive Steve Martin?
The Punchline That Had No Joke (Barry Gibb Is Not Jealous)

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