Suite Surrender, Part V

as i kneel before him my robe drapes open and i grab his hips in my hands. i lean down and kiss his inner thigh then nuzzle my face in his lap. i exhale hot breath through his pants and rub my nose along the length of his pulsing manhood. i gently grasp the width of it in my teeth. i apply just enough pressure for him to moan in anticipation.

i lean back and gaze up through my eyelids as my hands slide down to his knees. i grab hold of his belt. i bite my bottom lip, give him the wide eyed little girl and then thread the end of the belt out of its loop and tug it off of the tine. the belt tightens around his waist and he takes a breath in until i let go and let the belt loose. i pull it open and hungrily reach for the button and pop it open. i keep pulling the fabric apart and the zipper rips all the way open, revealing handsome white boxer briefs. the briefs are snug against his stiffness.

i lean back over and nuzzle my face again, this time running my chin and jaw against the length of his hardness. i feel him throb as he sighs. i trace my nose up his pelvis and press my face into the pocket of his right hip and thigh.

i lift open the waistband at the hip ever so slightly with my fingers and trace my wet tongue in circles around his hipbone. i press my face into the wet spot sliding my hard jaw against the bone. i bite his hip gently and exhale hot breath against his skin.

i slide my tongue back on his hip and trace a line across his middle beneath the waistband of his briefs to the other hip and do the same. he arches his back and moans. i back off and pull the waistband toward me as i blow at the wetness. i finally reach inside and with my left hand grasp his shaft tightly and pull it upright. it is hot and throbbing as i rub the head on my face and along the lips of my closed mouth.

i tug his waistband out further as i start at the base, breathing hot air along the length of his cock. i pause and exhale before i finally press my soft wet tongue across the head. i put the head in my mouth and close my lips around it as i press my tongue against the frenum.

my mouth is hot and wet and inside my soft tongue does laps, playfully circling its prey.

my forearms press against his thighs and i hear him set his drink down shakily. he throws his head back as he puts his hands on my shoulders. i take my mouth off and rest the head and my right palm as i lick it, wetting my hand in the process. i rub my wet hand across the top and stroke down the shaft to the base where i'm grasping his member in my left finger and thumb. i stroke back up as i press my tongue against the head and close my mouth around the shaft.

my whole wet hand strokes down toward the base again but this time my mouth follows. his cock slides in my hot mouth and back toward my throat. as my tight hand reaches the base with my lips not far behind it, i feel his dick get even stiffer. i feel the veins harden against my lips as i slide the cock back out of my mouth. in and out and in and out with increasing speed and wetness. i pause for a moment again at the top letting my hand slide off his head.

i trace the around under the lip of the head and then rub it on my chin as i look up into his eyes. i taste the beginning of what will be my reward as i lay my tongue on the top of his head again. he buries his hands in my hair as i give the head a little suck before returning to the mouth fucking.

each thrust gets a little deeper as my hand and mouth stroke the length of his cock. i feel his dick hit the back of my throat and i emit a little gagging noise and have to back off before diving in again this time with more determination.

in and out and in and out now both hands in motion all over his wet cock. he stiffens even more and i feel his balls tight against the base of his hard cock.

"i'm gonna cum," he says as i feel the familiar throb and hot liquid enters my throat. i hug his shaft tightly with both hands as he empties into my body. seconds later i let go of his dick with my hands and close my lips around the base, allowing him to rest and recover in my soft mouth as i lay my head in his lap.

…to be continued…

kali writes almost daily at kalipornia sux and hopes that michele will read this entry aloud to turtle on the phone tonight.

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