Leopard Spots
Blow Up
My First Stint in Philly, Part II
My First Stint in Philly, Part I
England Ink
Best Friends
Into The Woods, Part II
Into the Woods, Part I
Summertime and Music
Older But Not Dead
Dr. Strangelove, Part II
Dr. Strangelove
Precious.....My Precious...
It Must Be Thursday....I Could Never Get the Hang of Thursdays
Even Drunks Get the Blues
Coffee and Cigarettes

name: thefinn

location: South Philadelphia

favorite album: Currently ? Or of all time ? Genre ? Sub Genre ? We could do this all night... Let's make it easy... I don't like modern country music, it's just bad rock 'n roll with a twang.... Other than that, let's go....

favorite car: 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe (Black on black with bench seats and more than enough power... Who the hell needs whitewalls when you can chrome this bad boy out.... And that purr.... Damn sexy car....)

favorite movie: Blade Runner (Dystopic, bleak and beautifully rainy... Body parts are cheap, as are the life of any synthetic... Human or not... What's real in this flick ? What hasn't been manufactured ? Only Tyrell knows for sure and he's not talking anymore... It's perfect in so many ways....)

what makes you better than everyone else ? Some people are just genetically superior. Accept it. :)