if you want to know why a "turtle and a bird" just ask. we might tell you.

About Turtle and Michele

We're two people who share many common interests. Our mutual love of writing, making people laugh, punk rock and fast cars is what gave us the idea to put this site together and it has just grown from there.

michele 009The Turtle is an anonymous kinda guy from many, many places in California. He's lived just about everywhere in that state and is leaving his beloved homeland to take up residence in New York. He's a punk rocker who spent about ten years playing and touring with various bands. He is retired from the music business and is now a tech guy.

black no. 1Michele is a not so anonymous chick from Long Island. She's a government employee with two teenage kids and leads a pretty non-typical suburban life that does not include an SUV or soccer tournaments, but does include lots of video games, comic books and a pretty sweet action figure collection.

Michele and Turtle make a pretty good team. In fact, they work so well together they have decided to become a permanent "team" and will be getting married in November of 2007. You're all invited to a party that weekend. But bring your own beer. Because we can't afford to get you all drunk.