April 14, 2007

Justin Timberlake's Balls

Mama I don't know if I'm ever coming home. So begins another edition of a long forgotten column that we used to like type out and stuff that we really enjoyed. So we decided to start it again. Cause we do that. This is a pretty simple one. We hit play on the ye ol' music box and tell you what comes out and why we like it or in some cases, why the fuck it is on in the first place. We have no secrets and no shame. We encourage others to do the same. Total openness and honesty will set you free. Join us now in a trip from Souther Oakland to Southern Uganda as we bring back one of our favorites....How Much We Really Liked Jim Jones.

So sit around for awhile and remember this once great and powerful man.

The Reverend Jim Jones.

Jimmy was born a poor child with....no really, what we are talking about is What's Playing Now.

We tell you what is on and then take your abuse or accolades (shit, I am writing some big words today) and let the cards fall where they may. Cause it's always raining on Tuesday and amateur porn is found in corn fields....so let's go.

My pick first......cause I can do that.

Hand_of_God_goal.jpgThe Business - Maradona

Oh wow. The Business. Lemmie guess. Maradona is probably a soccer player. Or something soccer related. Or he was a hooligan. Or he was a coach in the last Euro. Maybe a referee.

Well, I'll let you figure it out.

Whatever you sniffed you wanted more
Now you can only score with a whore
All supplied by the hand of god
Out of the cup that's the way it goes
Shouldn't have had a bucket of charlie up your nose
All supplied by the hand of god

Maradona...You're shit
Maradona...You're shit

Oh yeah. That Maradona. "The Hand Of God" Maradona. Jeez. I'm not even English and I hate that fucker.

Welcome to The Business. Not only will they tell you why they hate ever god damn Brazilian player, Italian player and German player, they will sing it in a way that if you don't agree with them, they, alongside of about 30 skinheads, will beat the living shit out of you. Good time music. The best part about The Business is the way they talk. Jesus fuck, these guys are incomprehensible ('nother big word for those of you counting). Add a few beers in them and it seems as if you are listening to some sort of weird leprechaun language that comes straight out of da hood. Having a translator for an Englishman is kind of a sad thing. But I love the band. I learn about everything that happened in English Premier League by buying their albums. Not like a care about the teams that much, but one thing that I did learn from them is that Southgate really sucks and they don't like him, her or it.

The Business is better than the sports section of your local paper. - T

Michele goes next. Cause she can do that.

So we're back to this. Me telling you what I'm listening to. And you making fun of me. I listen to a lot of good stuff, but when you have 5,000 songs on your winamp and you hit random, it's not always going to be punk rock and metal that comes up. Because I'm more complicated than that. There's other stuff in there like Broadway tunes and classic rock and lots of emo and hip hop and movie scores. And....other stuff. Like what, you ask? What could be worse than some of the stuff I've already admitted listening to in past columns? What could make me be hesitant to tell you what I am grooving to at this very moment. What, in fact, I have been grooving to for about a month now, with absolutely no shame?

jt111.jpgI'll tell you.

I'm listening to Justin Timberlake.

I'm going to come out to you right now and say it. I love him. Not in a "I want to be your concubine and have your love child" way. More like, I just dig him. I think he's talented and funny (ever see him on SNL?) and charming and his music makes me shake like I've got ants in my pants.

I'm currently enjoying "Sexy Back" but I have also been rump-shaking to some of his older stuff like "Rock Your Body" and more songs from the latest album.

It's groovy. It's funky. It's got a good beat and god damn it, I can shake my ass to it.

You know damn well that you have musical skeletons in your closet. At least I bring mine out for everyone to see. You may want to say snarky things to me about my love of JT, but I don't see you coming clean about your Air Supply albums. I don't see you raising your hand when I ask who was into Damn Yankees back in the day. No, I have balls. You don't. So don't you be making fun of me when you hide your shame underneath a pile of blankets in your bedroom closet.

Maybe you love JT, too.

Maybe you are glad sexy's back.

Maybe you can join hands with me and say:

If sexy never left, then why's everybody on my shit?

I leave you with one of the greatest things Mr. Timberlake has ever done. How can you not love this guy? -M

Dan has been doing Scotchguard powered bongs.

Oh I love this shit. Getting caught with what you're listening to right fucking now. The action, the suspense, the humiliation of it all.

I've been having a good Friday evening; there are a few people over and we're having an average weekend. Chinese food was ordered but I needed to hit the store for smokes. Threw on the headphones, got the smokes and got back home. Then I read the email telling me that I needed to come clean, and I couldn't help but wonder what I was listening to five minutes ago.

thepod.jpg What do I got? Pork Roll Egg And Cheese by Ween.

Mama if you please
pass me the pork roll egg and cheese
if you please
on a kaiser bun

That's exactly what I need to hear when I am out of smokes and waiting for Chinese food on a Friday night. You know? Ween has been with me for a long time. Each of their albums has a different feel but they're all unmistakably Ween. They've had their brushes with fame and their share of stupid fans, but it's really hard to denigrate their work. Holy shit, they have a song called Pollo Assada, a song that's comprised of people ordering food at a mexican fast food drive thru, and I love it. One of my favourites. That probably says more about....

Anyway, for the state of mind that I'm usually in when I listen to Ween, they still sound great when you're in a normal state of mind. I also have a lot of great memories that I associate with Ween from when I was in another state of mind. Whatever that might mean. I admit nothing. You know. Right. -D

So that is it. some of us are proud of what we listen to and others just kinda let it roll. Hey hell, we can do that. After all, I didn't bother to go into work tonight cause my testicles wanted a nap. Not that that means anything to this column...I just wanted to say my balls were tired. So I didn't go into work.

Since we already have four columns dedicated to me and my balls, we turn this column over to you and your music.

Whatcha listening to?

/This is where we also find cool new music from you so feel free to tell us what is cool and new and what we have been missing.

What's Playing Archives

December 6, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 13

Been awhile since we did one of these and frankly, we want to start doing more cars and music again. Seems we are seriously in need of a car writer, but things usually work out for FTTW so we know when we find the right one, we will find the right one.

But, since that really doesn't matter right now, let's get on to what we are doing for today's LNT. Back to the base shit, y'all.

What's playing now?

Yes, I know. Been awhile and some of you might not know how to play it. As I said. Been awhile. But, what you do is hit shuffle and hit play and tell us what is on. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes cool, and sometimes sad.

But, you never know till you hit it and go.

So let's start.

turtle thinks really hard about he was listening to last....slug121.jpg

Hm..let's see. Couldn't sleep last night. Some aches and stress didn't do me too well. I lost my Internet connection around four in the morning. For some reason, my TV stopped on channel 25 and wouldn't go any higher. I'll bet I was listening to sleepy time music, so this should be easy. Crap. Guess not.

Atmosphere - Seven's Travels

Hm. Let me start out by saying I used to get a shitload of free shit in the mail. That is my god damn excuse for this one. Half of this shit, I have no idea who sent it to me and what the fuck it is so if it doesn't grab me on the first or second song, it is usually moved to the "Eh.." box of cd's. So there must have been something good about this album.

Actually, that's not true. It is really good. It took me a while to actually get past the first three songs. I mean it is a really cool cd. Yes, it is a rap album. Not quite sure why it is on Epitaph. Also not really sure who he is. I guess it is two guys from other bands doing this as a side project or something like that. You know rappers. They do that kind of stuff. The only thing about this album that makes me wonder about is that he sings about recovery and being sober on one song, then being fucked up on the next track, then goes back to the sober stance on the next.

Too bad I really like the ones where he is all fucked up more then the sober ones. I guess it just goes to show you the best things are always created when you are high as fuck. It's like this could be split into two different albums:

The songs I wrote after getting high


The songs I wrote when my AA sponsor was in the room with me.

Weirder things have happened.

Well, since that one was so short, Ill do a second one.taxi-1.jpg

Go National - I'll Keep My Good Eye On You

See. That's how much I love you guys. I put my ass on the fire twice. Remember that when you are Christmas shopping this year.

Anyways, another good record from Kevin Seconds. I like it. Kinda poppy but oh well. Frankly, 7 Seconds does kinda suck now and this was a cool change up from that stuff. Plus his wife is the guitarist and she just looks so god damn happy when she is playing it is kinda hard not to like them. It's like she has an unopened bottle of Rooster sauce and is about to sit down to a giant steak or chicken meal!

Note to self. Next band...get a girl guitarist who is just happy for some unknown reason and just step back and let her go. And get her a bottle of Rooster sauce.

Plus, this album has "NYC" on it which was one of the last songs I played before leaving the West Coast and heading to New York.

So I kinda like it for the memories. Being alone across the country for a week...

God, that drive sucked....- T

Michele takes you to the movies:

This is something I wanted to explore in a post one day. Bad movies with good soundtracks. This would qualify as number one on the list. Holy hell did this movie suck. It sucked like a Sucky McSuckfest. Total suckage. Too bad, because I really dug the comics.

But at least I got a good soundtrack out of it. In fact, it’s my favorite soundtrack ever. It’s an interesting concept - take some metal bands and have them create a tune with a techno band, kind of riffing on the "Judgment Night" soundtrack, which paired up rap bands with alternative bands (and is another case of astoundingly bad movie with an awesome soundtrack). This is a bit like mixing Rooster Sauce with peanut butter, but you’d be kind of surprised how that works out. Tastes like angry peanuts! And this album is kind of like....angry peanuts.

Yes, the peanuts are angry. But they are dancing, too. See how that works? Ok, let’s take that Rooster Sauce analogy to its ultimate limit (and probable demise) and use it to review the album.

1. "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" - Filter & The Crystal Method
This is like Rooster Sauce and Chili. Destined to be together. Makes for a song that leaves you wanting a second helping.

2. "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" - Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps
Rooster Sauce and tomato soup. See, you would think this would be a really odd combo. I’m not really fond of tomato soup in general, and I wouldn’t eat Rooster Sauce on its own, but put the two together and you got something that’s pretty palatable.

3. "Satan" - Orbital & Kirk Hammet
Rooster Sauce and anything from Taco Bell. Just a waste of Rooster Sauce. Kirk Hammet adds nothing to Orbital’s block rockin’ beats. You’d be better off just guzzling the Rooster Sauce.

4. "Kick The P.A." - Korn & The Dust Brothers
Rooster Sauce and fast food fried chicken. Sure, you may not admit to liking or eating the fast food chicken, but when you throw some Rooster Sauce on it, then it’s ok to say you ate it. And enjoyed it.

rooster 5. "Tiny Rubberband" - Butthole Surfers & Moby Rooster Sauce and tofu. See, tofu tastes like whatever you put on it, so you can’t go wrong with it. It doesn’t matter that Moby exists within this tune because it’s really all Butthole Surfers weirdness. Which is good. Like Rooster Sauce covered tofu.

6. "For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of it All)" - Metallica & DJ Spooky – Rooster Sauce and plain oatmeal. Not even Rooster Sauce can hide the fact that plain oatmeal is boring as all fuck. Bland, tasteless, boring. Spooky’s presence does nothing to spice up the repetitive Metallica contribution to this tune.

7. "Torn Apart" - Stabbing Westward & Wink
Rooster Sauce and pizza. You just know it’s going to be good from the get go. One of those things that when you get around to putting them together you think, why didn’t I do this sooner?

8. "Skin Up Pin Up" - Mansun & 808 State
Rooster Sauce and scrambled eggs. Not a taste everyone will like or even try, but I promise you it works. Just try it once and you’ll be thinking about it all day.

9. "One Man Army" - The Prodigy & Tom Morello
Rooster Sauce on a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I know, I didn’t think it would work, either. But it does, I swear. You have to keep tasting it to make sure you tasted it right the first time. It’s the angry peanuts, man. They own you. Second best song on the album.

10. "Spawn" - Silverchair & Vitro
Rooster Sauce and grilled American cheese on white bread. I know what you’re thinking. Meh. Grilled cheese. How...plain. How generic. But add a little Rooster Sauce and you have yourself something with a nice bite to it. Who knew grilled cheese could get all down with its bad self like that?

11. "T-4 Strain" - Henry Rollins & Goldie
Rooster Sauce and caviar. Ohh, look at me. I’m eating caviar. I am pretentious and full of myself! Really, I dig on Rollins, but sometimes he makes me cringe. Not even a good dose of Rooster Sauce does anything for me here. In fact, it’s just a reminder that THIS SONG SUCKS.

12. "Familiar" - Incubus & DJ Greyboy
Rooster Sauce and chicken soup. It’s smooth. It’s a tasty blend of warmth and wellness with a nice kick to it. It’s comforting and familiar yet sort of kicks your ass about five minutes after you’ve eaten it. Best song here.

13. "No Remorse (I Wanna Die)" - Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot
Rooster Sauce and habanero peppers. Oh yea, that’s gonna hurt. But it’s gonna hurt so good. You’ll either bang your head in sheer hot-throated joy or go home cryin’ to your momma.

14. "A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon" - Soul Coughing & Roni Size
Rooster Sauce and granola. You’re just gonna puke it back up and you know what? It will look the same as it did going down. Kinda useless.
Overall, the album rates four bottles of Rooster Sauce, because even with the songs that bring it down a bit, it still kicks your ass from here til next Wednesday.

But skip the movie. - M

So that's what we got for this week. Like it or hate it, we had to do it. Now the big question.

What do you have on?

Neither Michele nor Turtle works for Rooster Sauce. This has not been a paid adverisement.


November 8, 2006

Heavy Rotation

Remember What's Playing? That's when Turtle and Michele would write about whatever was playing on their musical machine of choice whenever either of them said the magic words "what's playing now?" We haven't done one of those in a while, and we thought it would be fun to see what all the writers at FTTW are listening to these days. So here ya go. What's in heavy rotation on our iPods/walkmans/stereos/turntables/8-tracks/weapon of choice.

Nick/The Back Forty: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
I was not into any sort of metal when I was younger (any discussions of wether Metallica even counts as "metal" should be taken elsewhere), so I really only listened to this song maybe three weeks ago. I had heard it before, but not listened. This song is perhaps the single greatest monument to Rawk that has ever been. It just doesn't get any more ridiculous, catchy and faux-dark than "Enter Sandman" Long Live Metallica.

Kali/Screaming Like a Banshee: "redneck" by lamb of god.
holy shit! big thanks to baby huey for turning me on to this single from the lastest LOG album, sacrament. i only have the radio edit version here at work but wow it's good. it's like all the best of pantera and inflames and rob zombie in one little single. fuck i hate the work single. seriously, has anyone heard this on the radio? i'd be fucking psyched. but anyway i've been playing it on repeat as i am wont to do with good songs. and it's holding up just fine.

Andrea/Film and Developer: Angel Eyes by Hinder. It reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Our relationship ended amicably and though I don't talk to him anymore he will always be in my heart. I wish we were friends still but he has expressed to me that it is not possible. I guess if he ever reads this he should always know that I am think of him often and wish that one day we can be friends again. :)

Baby Huey/Dishful of Metal: I've been wearing OUT my copy of the Haunted's The Dead Eye
See full review here. I can't say enough good things about it. It's heavy, it's dynamic, it's introspective. It makes me tingle in my boy parts.

The Pop Culturista: I've been enamored of late with my Soul Boys, particularly Ryan Adams and some of his older stuff, from the Cold Roses album. It has a vague country taste to it, which, believe me, is as inexplicable to me in its appeal as it is to you, but there it is. Smooth, melodic, heartfelt. Must be time for my period.

Uberchief/Uber's Corner Sage Francis: A Healthy Distrust
I've listened to a decent amount of Sage. I love his unconventional rhyming schemes, his off-the wall lyrics, and the rhythm he uses. So I was excited to see this new CD out. And while there are several tracks that I absolutely love, one thing is apparent: Sage is really, really pissed off. I'm not sure exactly what he's pissed off about, but whatever it is, it's driving him nuts.

There are three songs worth noting on this album. "Dance Monkey" is a great, beat-driven song. I'm not really sure what it's about, because it's hard to find a common theme between the two verses, but it's fun to listen to and the rhyme scheme is brilliant. It's Sage's standard departure from the norm (ever heard a rapper use the word "cervix" before?) and just a great song to get you going.

"Sun vs Moon" is one of those songs that, no matter the music behind the lyrics, I absolutely love the concept. Fucking Barney the Dinosaur could sing this song and it would still be interesting. The concept is that the Sun and the Moon have a DJ competition, and the Moon gets jipped out of a title that should be his because of corrupt judging. Great concept, great execution.

Last but not least--"Jah Didn't Kill Johnny." This is a melodic departure from Sage's rapping, where he sings about how God would never kill his friend Johnny. Johnny who, exactly? I won't say--finding out the Johnny Sage is singing about is one of the most chilling parts of the song.

Rock Star Mommy/Gabba Gabba What For the past week or so, I've been listening to Cruise Yourself by Girls Against Boys in heavy rotation. This is one of those albums that I play to death for a few weeks, then completely stop listening to and almost forget about for a few months, then dive right back into saying, "How could I ever have stopped listening to this?" It's a brilliant album with a perfect tracking sequence and, in my opinion, their best work.

Pril/Shut Up And Play Guitar I'm listening to the Black Keys "Magic Potion".
I got it last week, then was so enamored by it i lent it to a friend of mine. Nothing else has gone into the CD player, and i'm hoping to get the CD back this week. To numb the need (!!!) to listen to it all the time when i don't have it, i sat down with the geetar and learned a couple of songs off it. I don't know if they're right. I just tried to remember how the songs went and then worked them out.

Why do i like it? Right now it's really inspiring to hear what two people can do with a guitar and some drums. That's what's going on in my garage. The White Stripes did it well, but damn Jack White's voice is irritating sometimes. I love the tone of the guitar work on this album, especially track 3 "You're The One". None of it is very difficult, but a good song doesn't have to be hard to play. It just has to grab you and shake you around a little bit. Make the hair on your arms stand up.

Right at the moment, I'm listening to Crooked Fingers--pretty much the full discography. These guys are great, mellow music. But engrossing-mellow, not boring-mellow. They're the kind of band you might find yourself inadvertently listening to live at a bar and then realizing a couple songs in that they're absolutely great, especially live, and you wonder what the hell they're doing playing the crappy bar you're in. And then, right after that thought, "New Drink For The Old Drunk" comes on and everyone starts yelling and cheering their own alcoholism. Great stuff.

Travis/Your Parents Hate You

I spend a lot of time listening to comedy that I've downloaded from the internet. I came across a veritable goldmine one night and I managed to download the entire Doug Stanhope collection. This was over a year ago and at least one of his albums remains in rotation on my ipod – he’s released five so far. Most comedy that you see - if you ever actually get a chance to see comedy on television, because even the likes of Jay Leno won’t play comedians anymore and I’d like to hit that big chinned motherfucker right in his melon head – anyway, wow I need a xanax - most comedy you come across is very kid friendly, edited, or it’s Carlos Mencia. And while I don’t have anything against Mencia; he’s a one trick pony. And the trick has gotten old.

Doug Stanhope is vile, hilarious, disgusting…and he’s got a few salient points thrown in between jokes about ass sex and midgets.

“Every vice is already a punishment in itself. There should be no such thing as a vice law: every vice is only a bad habit and the punishment is inherent in the act. You smoke cigarettes you get cancer, you die, you don't need a ticket on top of it . . . You gamble, you lose your money, the house has the edge, it's a punishment in itself. You watch too much porno, it diminishes your taste for the kind of girls that will actually fuck you. It's got a down side, I've done every vice that you can think of. I have drank 'til I couldn't remember my own name, I've done coke 'til my nose was bleeding like the fourth week of Lilith Fair . . . I figured it out all on my own. And I've had hookers before . . . I never woke up the next day going: "Man, I'm glad I got a hooker last night; I'm a genius." . . . Now I've gotta check my dick for spots for the next six months. To go to jail on top of that is Double Jeopardy and that’s unconstitutional.”

Doug Stanhope – “Something To Take The Edge Off”

thefinn/livin' in the city: Bridge - Amon Tobin

I don't know a lot about Amon Tobin. I know he was born in Brazil. I know he's a white guy. And I know that when I hear his stuff I'm instantly transported to a jazz joint that doesn't really exist but that should.... A place where Art Blakely still smashes kits, a place where Monk and Mingus make a respectable team, a place where Lee Morgan still blows his horn, despite the gaping hole in his chest.... It's dark and smoky and the best goddamn zombie jazz I've ever heard...

Ernie/The End Zone

Lately I have been listening to a lot of The Supersuckers, 'Paid' and 'Motherfuckers Be Trippin' albums as well as Dwight Yoakam's latest CD, 'Blame the Vain'. Social D is always on heavy rotation. Songs from the album 'Prison Bound' have been popping up on shuffle a lot, as well as songs from Black Flag's 'Loose Nut' and 'In My Head' albums.
The last song my iPod played before heading into the office today was 'Fall On Me' by R.E.M. This is one of my favorite R.E.M. songs and happens to be on my favorite album from them as well, 'Life's Rich Pageant'.

Paul/Out of the Basement: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

I like 70's Disco. It makes me feel happy. This song reminds me of when I was kid dancing around to the Bee Gees. It's done really well without being a crappy remake, like the Atari's version of "Boys of Summer" or a lame tribute to the genre. It's genuine, fun, and it's got a good beat. Ironically, "I don't Feel Like Dancin'" makes me feel like dancin'.

Currently Playing in Jo's Life
Music: MeatLoaf's latest album: Bat out of Hell III
(Comments: They cleaned up his voice so it doesn't sound like the older albums. The rough edge to his voice is gone.)
TV: Count Duckula Season 1 (during the day)
(Good 80s fun if you are lacking in company and working on a comic strip.)
AND Sean Connery 007 movies (at night)
(Great old fashioned man-meat to watch and facinating Fem fetales packed into 2 hours of Spy Vs. Spy action!)

Deb/I'll See You On The Ice
I'm starting to get into the Yule spirit...

Playing on my iPOD right now is Richard Cheese (and Lounge Against the Machine)'s Silent Night Club

It's funny and wintery fresh...

Dan- Don't Go In There
I’m sticking with the right now rule, what’s playing right now.

DOA and Jello Biafra – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place from Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours

That pairing that goes way back. I just can’t dig the Dead Kennedys as much as I used to, but DOA will always be close to the top of my list. Those guys keep working for the right reasons and they just-don’t-stop-a-rockin’. If you want proof just go to Wikipedia and check out their discography.

This song is great and so is the whole album. It’s a good starting point for someone who is not familiar with DOA because it’s got that Kennedys feel to it, but it’s also obvious that it’s not the Kennedys playing. People just don’t talk about DOA enough anymore. Another sign of the end times I suppose.

You know it’s a dirty hippie song, right? That just makes it better when dirty punks take it for themselves.

Keith/The Lift Hill: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing.
It's like a weird Elton John/BeeGees fusion. Makes me want to dance, which is not something that I do a lot of. Most of my dancing is of the Van Halen air guitar variety. Yes, I'm incredibly lame.

Cullen/All About the Guitar: "Just Like Lightening," off Super Colossal, by Joe

I've been a fan of Satch since 1988 when a friend first introduced me to his stuff. He's done a lot of cool, experimental thing since then, both bad and good. I honestly think Super Colossal is his best work since Surfing With the Alien. Maybe better. This song
is just so damn cool. Not only are the licks amazing, but the tone is killer.

There may be better technicians, but no one is as good as Joe.

Kory/Fictional Universe: Curently I've been listening to Roddy von Seldeneck, who isn't especially famous. My wife found him on MySpace
(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=4635067). Note that his material isn't especially safe for work or even good taste....

Turtle/Underground/LNT - Turtle isn't listening to much of anything these days. Yes, he is driving across the country with no stereo in his car. But he was singing a Sham 69 song last night, "Angels With Dirty Faces." Mostly, this particular part:
We're the people you don't wanna know
We come from places you don't wanna go

Assume that the "places you don't wanna go" in turtle's case means Des Moines, Iowa. Again, no offense.

Since the great hard drive crash of 2006, my listening has been somewhat limited, as I lost my collection of 13,000 songs. And now I am having sound driver issues so I can't listen to a single thing on this comp (tech help out there?) and I haven't gotten around to moving the stereo system into this room yet. So I've been listening to the digital cable channel that calls itself Alternative, but is more like a playlist of some 15 year old kid who is wondering if the razor goes across or down the wrists. So let's stick to what's playing in my car.

Queens of the Stone Age - A mix I made, sort of a Best of QOTSA According to Michele. QOTSA is my favorite band. I can't say enough good things about them. Songs that get repeated: Mosquito Song, I Was A Teenage Hand Model, Give The Mule What He Wants, Monsters in the Parasol, You Got a Killer Scene There, Man and their remake of Subhuman's Wake Up Screaming.

Another mix (I love a good mix) with some of my favorite emo-ish stuff on it, most notably Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and My Chemical Romance. Yes, I know. Razor goes across.

And my Turtle mix - I made this when he was on his way to NY for a visit in August, just songs that remind me of him, and I find myself playing it more often now as he makes his way toward his new home here. Repeaters: NYC by Go National, Down on the Days (Pogues remake) by Steel Pole Bathtub, Windspitting Punk by Swingin' Utters (before the crash, I was listening to Swingin' Utters 24/7) and Rico by the Vandals, a song that was Turtle's California send off.

Just a few notes from me on the other writers' songs:
There is no shame in playing Van Halen air guitar.
Richard Cheese rocks the house six ways to Sunday
Sage Francis rules.
There's nothing wrong with 70's disco. Especially if it's got the funk.
To Jo: Let's Get Dangerous!

So there you have it. That's what we are all listening to. Now it's your turn. What's in heavy rotation for you these days?

August 19, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 12

So we did it again. Another what's playing. This is when you say what you are playing and describe it to us. Sometimes it's ugly and sometimes it's not. Sometimes you are just in a mood and you get something weird but it really doesn't matter. The question was asked and we had to push on and give the answer. It happens.

Here are ours.

What our yours?

Turtle is first.

Janes Addiction - True Nature

By this time in their career, the drugs had clearly destroyed a few of them. It happens. The last album that they put out before they all tried to step away, but always found the same trouble. The songs are sad and empathetic and always ask you why does life suck so much. Something was different with this album. Gone was the sarcasm from the first album. Gone were the stories from the second album. This album was a final goodbye. This is what they had to say one last time before everything broke one last time.

Continue reading "What's Playing, Volume 12" »

August 13, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 11

It's that time again!

Time for us to tell you what we are listening to. I hit the CD player and Michele turns on her compy thingy. If you haven't figured out how we write this, I'll tell you. We hit whatever is on and then tell you not so much about the band, more about the feelings we get from the song. We listen to it about six times then kick out our feelings then share what we came up to you and hope you will do the same.

Phantom Planet - Big Brat

I have to start out by telling you I have no idea why this was on. I mean I think they are a great band and I love this CD, but someone must have put it on looking for that "California" song from the OC not realizing this was a little different. Yes. People come over to my house all the time and steal my dog and turn on music. Half the time I am talking to Michele, there is someone here watching TV or out playing with the dog. But, be that as it may, I didn't put this in. But, thats cool. I can do this.fight.jpg

Getting in fights suck. There is no other way around this. It fucking sucks to spit up blood the same night you are stitching up some wound then to piss blood in the morning after you took too many hits to the gut. Buying a shot of vodka to pour on your knuckles is no way to live. There's no winners in a fight. The only thing that you have is your back and if your friend doesn't have it when you are down hard, he isn't worth shit. I never asked anyone to help me out. It's just an unasked question that is usually answered. But, if something happens, especially when your friend starts it and you have to cool it down then get surrounded by three or four other people, you better god damn well get my back. I'll fall down for you, but if you stand out watching me fall and don't do your damndest to take one of these fuckers to hell you, then you ain't worth shit. I can take a lot but this is too much. You started this. I backed you. I took out two. I can't take out any more and now it's your turn. I'm down so don't leave me here to be kicked god dammit. Get my god damn back.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you get backed up.

Sometimes it doesn't and you say goodbye to a friend the next day. - T

Brand_New_Deja_Entendu_large.jpgBrand New - I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light

Make fun at will. I love this band so much and I will make no excuses for it. At least my "What's Playing" record is still Air Supply free.

This is a great song about touring and just wanting it to end. Feeling like you’ve had enough and you miss home and even though you are putting out for your fans every night, you just feel empty and used and homesick. They really capture the feeling here, so that even if you don’t know what it’s like to tour, you know what he’s talking about. When he sings

I won't see home till spring.
Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic,
but I am paid to make girls panic
while I sing.

You can feel the longing for home, the frustration and maybe a little bit of bitterness. And in the last verse there’s just this sense of resignation in his voice. Because he knows that after he finally gets home he’s gonna get up and do it all again. I think we've all been in a place like that before. We do this cause we can, not for the thrill. Sometimes it's not enough. But you trudge on anyhow.

Jesse Lacey writes some amazing lyrics. You should really check this band out if you never heard them. Their first album, Your Favorite Weapon, is kind of upbeat and clever. The second album, Deja Entendu, is more mature lyrically and musically and is one of my favorite albums of all time. Shoot me a gmail if you want to hear more tunes.

Plus, they are from Long Island. Represent.

This has not been a paid announcement. -M

So that's our take for this lazy Sunday. Some of like to cut ourselves on cans of beans and some of lost our dog hours ago and have to keep the door opening wondering where the hell she is at. But, no matter what we are both listening to music.

This is what we have.

What do you have?

August 5, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 10

It's that time once again!

It’s time for the 10th version of What’s Playing. That’s when we sit here and think, hey let’s do a quick post. And one of us says, ok, what should we do? And the other says, hey what are you listening to? And no cheating. What have you got?

Well turtle was in his car when I asked, so he got whatever was on the radio, which could have really sucked for him. I was at the tail end of a song. Like, the last note. And I almost tried to get away with it and say I was listening to the next song, which was a kick ass Weezer song but, being the scrupulously honest and moral person I am, I fessed up to what was really playing. That’s how we roll here. We listen to a lot of awesome music, but sometimes we get caught with our pants down. Well, I did. So to speak. I was actually wearing pants when the song was playing.

So here’s what we had going on. Check it out and then tell us what you’ve got playing.

turtle is up first.

Fatboy Slim - Praise You

fatboy.jpgJust to clarify for you guys, I was getting on my shoes when this was asked.

Today was a challenge. The question was asked and I had no answer. I have no podcast or Ipod or anything like that. I just never got into that stuff. When you work in IT, most of the time you hate compys so you don't bother with any at your home. It's just one of those weird things. When I am online, it is just to fuck around with Michele when she is at work. When she goes to bed, I turn off the compy. That's just the way it works for me. So, since I have no CD on and the background music was something from some Ironman thing on NBC, what to do?

Well, I had to pay rent today, get food and mail something. I need to draw something out. I might need dog food. Looks like I am getting in the car. Hey dude! Let's do the most challenging! Just start the car and keep her on the phone. Give her the lyrics and let her google what it is. See dude. We here at FTTW take the big risks. We stopped fucking around about the time your mama last changed your diapers. Hardcore, babe. Hardcore. Phone in hand. Michele picks up. Ask her if she is ready. She says hit it.

Fatboy Slim comes on!

I can hear her disappointment as I sing the words to her and get all funky like while I'm driving down the street. Gonna praise you like I should. Sure, this album is good for about three listens till you give it away to some stupid little girl on a beach drinking your beer and hiding her empty cans in the "most pristine place in the world," but for those three times you listen, it is a good album. The CD may be gone back to some weird place in the East Coast with the little girl and sure, the buried beer cans prolly were picked up by a "professional recycler." But the memory of this song is still in my head.

Plus the video made me laugh.

It's been a long time, baby. -T

Michele is up next!

Night Ranger - Sister Christian.

578563.jpgImagine me sticking my middle finger out at you. That’s a pre emptive strike for all you that are thinking about mocking me. Go ahead. Mock. I fucking love this song. Love it. It’s cheesy, it’s bad, it’s everything that was wrong with 80's metal. But. it’s Sister Christian.

Look. There are extenuating circumstances here. Memories.

A party in the park, a lot of mescaline and me on air guitar, standing on a picnic table. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

Some club. Tequila. Hair metal night. Tequila. Lots of hair spray and tight jeans. Tequila. Standing on a huge speaker cabinet. Tequila. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

A bachelorette party. Me with a giant penis on my head and coconut shells over my tits. Drunk as all get out. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

I think you got the point.

Excuse me while I listen again.

But you’re motorin’..........yea.............motorin’.............

Man, it’s not quite the same without the drugs or alcohol. Or the penis on my head. But I still kick ass at air guitar. And I still love this song.

So fuck you. - M

So pee pee wearing girls and funky time turtles are what we had going tonight. Told you. Sometimes the truth isn't pretty.

We told you our songs.

So what are yours?

July 28, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 9

Anyways, it's that time again. This is the time of the day where we expose our weaknesses. We let you in to things that sometimes will not be pretty. We have alot of music and some of it you might consider, well lame. But, all we ask from you, dear readers, is that you tell us what you are listening to. Right now. Tell us.

Cause we would do it for you.

Do it for Johnny man. Johnny.

Another story will come out in a few hours. Or it might not. I've been away all day and Michele has been on another site being all serious and shit. Gah. I hate that. When Michele makes sense to me, it's no fun. Common sense equals no fun. I like it when people tell me it's OK to eat ice cream in a kiddie pool with my dog attacking the bottom of cone rather then being serious. You all have seen it in me. Being serious. I have to do it sometimes, but this week has been serious week. Well kind of.

But that is neither here nor there. Today is about the songs.

Michele goes first.

Continue reading "What's Playing, Volume 9" »

July 21, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 8

Oko. It's another round of what are you listening too. As I have said before, I type late at night, so I am usually just listening to something mellow. That's my excuse. Something that calms me down. Not like I'm that hyper but sometimes Conan O'Brien doesn't help and I am seeing stuff out of my eyes. I just want to sleep, but I have to get this finished. That kind of attitude. Michele does it and I do it too. Fucking perfection people. I have to keep going til I am thru or it will be dead when I come back to it. It's always a one shot deal with me. If it isn't done the first time, it's deleted.

A little more knowledge to you, mein readers, as how FTTW works.

So what were we last listening to when we left you?

What are you listening to right now?

Here is mine.

Common Rider - Rise or Fall

Well, I guess this could've been worse. I mean it's a great song about desperation and being kicked down. You are beat down. You are desperate. So what are you going to do about it? An obscure album that not many people know exist. If you don't know this band, it was a put together group with a few big name underground players. Somehow the lead singer came out of his hiding from Florida and decided to put his words to music and do a little tour. This band is long gone now, but for a brief shining second, we all got to see Jesse from Op Ivy on stage again. Sure it was mellow. Sure he was beat down. Sure he knew the merch ropes. And sure, he was still cool. I never bothered to ask him about his buddhist phase. It didn't matter. He was back. Of course the show sold out quick. I think they did like five shows in total before he disappeared again and the other bandmates went back to their respective bands. But, for that one brief second, you could feel his energy again.

Rise or fall. -T

short.jpegThis time I was listening to a CD and not the winamp, so there was no chance of getting hit with the Air Supply. It will happen, I’m sure. Then you can all point and laugh. For now, I’ve got:

Avail - Not a Happy Man

I was listening to "Short Music for Short People" - a Fat Wreck compilation of 101 30 second songs by punk rock bands. It’s a pretty cool CD with a lot of kick ass bands on it and perfect for a day when your attention span is fried. So what can I write about a thirty second song? Well, let’s look at the lyrics to this one:

Well I’m being tortured
I’m in a cherry orchard
But I can’t pick one
I’m being tortured
I’m in a cherry
Not a happy man
Not a happy man
Not a happy man
Not a happy man
I’m being tortured
I’m in a cherry
Not a happy man

Well. There are probably a few ways you can interpret this song. Or maybe there’s only one. A 30 second, musical metaphor for wanting some virgin high school ass? Well, at least he kept himself from “picking the cherries.” So you could say this is good, moral song about sticking to what’s right even when what’s wrong is so enticing. Or you can say it’s about some guy watching Barely Legal Teens 8 and not realizing that “barely legal” in porn talk means 25.

Or maybe he’s just craving a cherry pie and he’s too short to pick the cherries or something. Who the fuck knows. -M

Michele will be back later in the day with an interesting story about malls and lip syncing. I on the other hand will be watching TV trying to get in a few more hours sleep. I might finish the Disneyland story tonight.

So this begs the simple question.

What are you listening to right now?

July 16, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 7

It's hot and humid on both coasts and neither of us really feel like doing much except complaining about the heat and standing in front of the a/c with our shirts off. Maybe eating some Otter Pops. And complaining about the heat. And write about what we are listening to as we bitch about the heat.

Yea, it's time for another round of What's Playing. We tell you what we got playing right at that very second. Full disclosure, as you can see from this post.

And if we can do it, so can you. What are you listening to, right now? Don't make us do this alone. Ready?

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Oh crap. You guys got me on this one. It's Sunday and I'm tired. I had something in my player that makes me smile. It's light and I like it. Years after listening to so much punk rock and hardcore, sometimes I need a break. I was watching the news today and NASA woke the crew of the Discovery shuttle up with a song. I heard it and yadda yadda shit, I put the CD in. So I am listening to this CD for NASA. For America. For space exploration. For Star Trek. And that's my excuse. I'm sticking with that. It was played by NASA and dedicated to mission commander Pierce Sellers. I think that's his name. See how I wormed out of that one? I could've told you that Robert Smith was having health problems and he made a plea for everyone to listen to just one song of his to help get him thru his liposuction. Cause Robert needs to fit in his biker shorts again. Help Robert out. He looks fat. One song. Please listen. Biker shorts. Robert Smith.

Like I am ever gonna masturbate again with that image in my head. Shit.

But I didn't use that excuse! I got a NASA excuse today!

But I still have Robert in my head. Dammit, why do I do this to myself?

Don't ask me why I did that. I'm just scared that one day you will get me when I'm listening to "Barney Sings The Hits" and I got to pull something out of my ass like "Zambeer, Master of the Beer Flute is over! He wanted to hear it!" So see,I always have that in my back pocket. Cause what Zambeer wants, Zambeer gets.photo6zambeer.jpg Plus, he is pretty good at his flute. If you have ever smelled beer breath being blown over rancid beer bottles you know what I am talking about. He gets his way when he comes over.

Where was I at...

Oh yeah. I was listening to the Cure. Fuck. I hate it when Michele and I are thinking of something and we both do this "What Are You Listening To Now" thing. Fuck. I could lie and say some obscure punk rock band, but I won't. I am honest, mein readers. I will face my shame.

Oh crap. Hey if it helps you any, I am smoking a cigar eating day old french fries.

The Cure. When they were first around, I did really hate them. I really hated the coffee network and the kids who couldn't get into bars. They just wanted to get jacked on coffee and talk. Talk. Jesus christ. Talk. I wasn't about eyeliner and hairspray so I put that band so far in my back thoughts. It was like leaving Clint Eastwood thirsty in the desert in "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly." Leave that band back and just keep going. Let "Blondie" find his own death. I'm out of here. But, somehow, in some really strange way, the Cure crept back in. Just like Clint did in that movie. Just a few songs. It's not like I mainline them. Every once in awhile I listen to them. And yes, they are all burned copies so it's not like I went out and bought the CDs.

So that's my excuse

So lemmie alone.

And yes Michele, I wormed out of that one.- T

Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer

emoemu.jpgOh god. I’ve been caught with my emo on.

Ok, I’m gonna admit it. Right here. Let’s get it out in the open. I love this band. Love them. Not just because they are from Long Island. I just love them. I get emo sometimes, it happens. Just ask turtle. He’s been on the receiving end of my emo-ness many times.
I could sit here and defend it. Tell you about their lyrics or something. Worm my way out of this one with some kind of excuse about a space shuttle or something. Truth is, I like it. I have emo in my soul, what can I tell you. It’s from all those years of listening to Depeche Mode and wearing black. That shit never leaves you. There’s always a “woe is me” tear waiting to be shed. Always a poem in your past that never leaves, like words scrawled in the margin of a math notebook "my heart has been turned black as a night without the moon. you have torn my soul from body and i shall never feel anything again. i cry tears that are black as tar. woe. woe is me. woe, i say. i hate you and i want you to die." Wait, is that I want you to die or me? I get so confused. Maybe I was goth, not emo. Light a candle, pass the dulled razor blade and turn on Bauhaus.

Plus this song is an ode to passive aggressiveness: the truth is, you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt

I’m so emo my lawn cuts itself.

And I make no excuses for it. - M

So what are you listening to?

July 11, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 6

Ok. It's that time again. WTF? It's only five in the morning? Damn. I need to get on a better sleep schedule. The problem with collaborating and being in love with someone on the other side of the USA is that sometimes you fall into their sleep patterns. Well, I think. I've never done it before. But it happened. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but sometimes you are gonna catch me writing this early in the morning and wonder why I do so much speed. I don't. I sleep from like 8 o'clock til 5. So you are gonna get some weird posts and I am gonna miss a lot of good TV and in doing so feel like I am getting pretty old. So when I woke up this morning, Michele was online. She decided we should do something, some post, short and fast. What were you listening to last.

See, now this one was just unfair. I get weird at night and listen to weird things. So first thing in the morning? I have no clue where I went last night musicwise. All I remember was Chef Ramsey and some beat bass in the background. See, when she goes to bed, I kinda stop hanging around here and just go into numb mode and type on Word about the next story we are going to do. So yes, a new "Underground" will be out today. Or tomorrow. Tales of Norway and pirates, but those take awhile for us to kick out. For now we wanted to do something fast.

So what are you listening to now?

Here's ours. And no one make fun of us.

Kool G.Rap and D.J. Polo - The Streets of New York

koolg.jpgI don't know. Yes, I listen to other stuff besides punk. I have a huge CD collection and sometimes I get tired of hearing punk constantly. Truth be told, usually on Monday nights the music is constantly being paused so I can turn around and watch Chef Ramsey yell at people in Hell's Kitchen. That's a funny show. I always wonder who will be the first to tell him to stick his British fist in his British ass. Wait. I think thats a Motorhead song. Or maybe that was Iron Fist. Maybe I need more protein in my diet. Hell, I don't know.

Kool G Rap. Sure he slurred his words and had a lisp but his lyrics and DJ Polo made up for it. Plus it grew on you. This was a pretty brutal song about life on the streets. It wasn't like N.W.A. where they were bad ass gangsters and ruled the streets. This was just one man's thoughts about how shitty everything got. No one was a hero here. Parents ignoring their kids, cops sold out to the mafia, drug dealers killing their brothers, old ladies forgotten about dying in the subway, alcoholics drinking their life away, and young girls forced into prostitution. Kinda gritty stuff. I always respected this guy cause he always let it be known that he was in the shit, but he never bragged about it. Just told the world what he saw. What he thought was wrong. Then raised up his hands and said "Fuck it, what can I do. It's too much for me to handle."

So yes, I do listen to other stuff like this. But, unlike Michele, I don't listen to Air Supply. Although I do have a pretty kick ass collection of Neil Diamond songs. - T

rcheese.jpgRichard Cheese - Me So Horny

What do we have here. Ah, Me So Horny. No, not 2 Live Crew. Too early in the morning for that. Instead, we have the soothing, mellow tones of Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. For the uninitiated, Dick and his band do cover versions of hard rock, metal, rap and punk songs (plus some other stuff), lounge singer style. It’s part hilarity, part irony and mostly really cool. I mean, just imagine it. Sitting in a small motel bar. Downing a gin and tonic while killing time in some godforsaken town you are passing through. Tonight’s entertainment is some singer you never heard of but who reminds you of that Bill Murray character on "Saturday Night Live." Suit and tie, drink in hand, kissing the microphone while making small town talk with you. Piano kicks in and you figure you are in for some poorly constructed Neil Diamond singalong. You wonder if you remember the words to "Cherry Cherry." And then the dude starts singing: “Sittin at home with my dick on hard/So I got the black book for a freak to call.” What did he just say? Is that....2 Live Crew? Is he singing Me So Horny? “Im a freak in heat, a dog without warning My appetite is sex, cause me so horny.” Wow. Yea. He is. So you kinda groove along to it, thinking how romantic and endearing this tune sounds when interpreted by Mr. Cheese and his band. Oh yea, this is groovin’. This kicks ass. You find yourself nodding your head and singing along and you don’t even realize what you’re saying when you get to “Put your lips on my dick, and suck my asshole too.” You just sing. Because Richard Cheese can make even the most vulgar songs sound sweet.

[And notice that turtle makes fun of my Air Supply collection, but have I ever made fun of the fact that he listens to Madonna? No, I haven't.

Oops, did I say that out loud? Madonna? Turtle? Did I? I guess I did.]

And here's some extra Richard Cheese goodness for you:

War Ensemble (Slayer)
Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
American Idiot (Green Day)

So what are you listening too? Right now.

July 7, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 5

It's time for another round of what's playing, which goes something like this:

Michele: what are you listening to right now?
Turtle: Swingin' Utters. You?
Michele: Thankfully, not Air Supply.

And then we write about what's we are listening to at that second. And ask you to tell us what's coming out your speakers right now.

Swingin' Utters - Windspitting Punk

B0000007R7.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgI'll take alot of heat on this, but I never really like this band before they hit Fat. I know Fat ruins bands but really, listening to their old stuff and realizing they lived in San Francisco when they were doing their old style always made kind of laugh. I mean really, do they think they were from England? What's with the accent? What's with the style? So I never really got into them that much. I changed my mind about them with this album. I have no idea why they changed or what happened, but all I knew was a bunch of people who loved them no hated them and a bunch of people who hated them loved them. Kinda weird how life works out. Sometimes you think you will be in one place your whole life then somethings happen and everything changes.

But I fell for the CD the second I heard it. And this was the first song. Telling us that if you sell out, never lose your friends. You can make money and leave us. Turn your back on us. But don't speak like you are us anymore. That poor kid was once your friend. Now he can't get off the street cause he hasn't eaten in three days. He was your friend along time ago. Somethings may change but somethings will allways be the same. But, hell. Tonight was the first time I read the lyrics so I could be all wrong. Great song thou. Great album. I wonder what ever happened to them? -T

Silent Majority - Cross Crowded Rooms

d018811r446.jpgLong Island in the house! This is a brutal song. Depressing, agonizing, sad and disturbing. But so good. You can hear the pain in his voice, feel the slow torture of his existence within the music. That’s emo core. Or screamo. Or whatever they are calling it these days. Raw emotion, loud music. This song is about heartbreak and silence and the vast wasteland of loneliness that comes with the end of things. This song really used to bother me a lot. It’s one of those tunes that can make you feel that heartache, even though it isn’t yours, or make you think that perhaps this is what you have coming cause love sucks. take this finger/ take this thumb/stretch them out to form a gun/point to the left side of my chest/just say bang then it's done. Who hasn’t felt like that at least once? And don’t you get afraid that you are going to feel like that again some day? That’s what songs like this do to me. Or used to. But you know what’s cool? Being in love with someone you trust so completely, in a relationship you trust so completely, that it strips all the emo from your soul and a song like this becomes just...a song. That’s pretty damn awesome.

This song kicks some ass. -M

We were honest. We know we have been asking alot of you lately so we decided to do something easy tonight. Our only question to you tonight is.......

What are you listening to?

June 29, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 4

Well, it's time again. Time to be honest. Both of us have been feeling off today, and you can prolly tell in the songs we have playing. I'm not saying it's Alice Cooper or anything like that. Although that wouldn't be so bad. But, we are on a slow kick tonight, at least I am. Sometimes you need to slow down a little. Deathpunk and grunge. That's what we have tonight. This thing usually go something like "You want to do a song tonight?" "Ok, right now. What are you listening to?" For the first time Michele got really lucky with this. Finally.

Here is tonight's edition of What Are You Listening To Right Now, or whatever we named it earlier.

For those of you who don't know, this is when we pick the song that is playing at the moment the other other asks the question. Sometimes you really get some weird stuff, but most of the time, it's all pretty cool. But, we just describe how feel about the song. We also ask you do the same. If you have the guts. Pretty simple.

Turbonegro - Age of Pamparius

I will never forget the first time I heard this. For the first two minutes or so I’m thinking - what the hell is this? Some prog rock shit? I thought this was supposed to be punk rock? Waiting for the song to build up, he’s whispering something about denim and apocalypse dudes..and then....finally. It kicks in. 02-L.jpgYea, this is what I was expecting. This kicks ass. This is awesome. This is........what the fuck did he just say? No. Couldn’t be. Did he say something about pizza? This song is about pizza? Thinking I’m getting old and my hearing is gone, I grab the lyrics. Yea. Pizza. This song is about pizza. Ok, it’s about a pizza place. Pamparius Pizza. In Norway. They wrote a song about their favorite pizza place. That’s kinda cool. It’s a kick ass song, really.

You got nothing to lose at Pamparius
gonna wear them happy shoes tonight
You got nothing to lose at Pamparius
Gonna bake a motherfucking pizza tonight

Dude, I’m pretty damn happy when I can belt out a line like “Gonna bake a motherfucking pizza tonight.”

Anyone else's stomach suddenly start growling with hunger? -M

Tad - Jack

Or is it Jack Pepsi? I know they had a cease and desist for the album cover, but I'm not sure if they had to change the name of the song. This was on a small single along time ago. The cover of this single brought out the Pepsi lawyers and I think the name is "Jack" now but I'm not sure.

Anyways, a song that hits me.jack_pepsi.jpg I'm not saying I did any of this stuff, but I can relate to just getting so blasted out of booze and drugs that you do these stupid things. Steal a car and go drive on a frozen lake. Doing 360's on the ice while slamming back whiskey and Pepsi. Smiling at each other. This was life. This was fun....Oh shit! What was that sound?!?! We're going thru the ice!!!! The way he tells it, it's not like he is singing. It's like a story. Like the things I tell you. Except without ice. I don't like ice.

The best part of this song is when Jack leans over to him and just tells him, "OK, man. You need to settle down if we are gonna make it thru this." I have no idea why that line hits me so hard. Maybe cause I have said it so many times to my friends. Not the ice part thou. I'm stupid, but not that stupid.

I don't like ice.

And now I want pizza. - T

June 24, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 3

It's that time again! Saturday's are always kinda slow. It's getting late and basically we were bored. Michele is eating chicken, wishing she could have waited for one more song to admit to being emo and I'm just eating a crappy turkey sandwich while listening to punk rock watching how hot this town is gonna be tomorrow. So see, there's not a lot going on. Since we did the sex thing earlier and it being basically just a post with no reader input, we kinda thought it would be fun to do this again. Turn on your ipod, CD player, whatever you have and honestly tell us what you were last listening to or what's next on shuffle.

We did it. Why can't you.

These were our two.

Iggy Pop - Repo Man

repomansoundtrack.jpgI always get lucky. Maybe it's cause I only listen to cool tunes cause I'm cool. Or maybe it's cause I rock hard. Or maybe it's cause I only have a CD player and most my CDs have been stolen over the years. Well, that's not really true. I still have a ton, but I don't organize them for shit. Yeah, I know, big surprise. So what was I listening to last night? Crap. I hate this feature of the site. Hm. Hey! That's Iggy Pop! Yay! Thank god I don't have to review Neil Diamond! Although that would be pretty cool. But Iggy is pretty cool too. A really confusing song that has only one or two relevant lines to the movie. I don't know if this song was out before the movie or they hired him to do the title track. If you didn't know, Repo Man was a movie from the 80's starring *gasp* Emilio Estevez as Otto and Harry Dean Stanton as Bud. Both Repo men looking for this one car. With something in the back that killed people. I think it was an aliens. But the soundtrack is basically a blueprint of LA. Early punk rock and Mexican music. The music. Not the alien.

This is becoming more of album review. I'm getting off track.

The song really only holds a few clues about what it's about. A poor kid on drugs who is nothing? He just gives up? Becomes what he hates? Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols played guitar. I think. But, the only lyrics you have to remember are "I was a teenage dinosaur, stoned and obsolete I didn't get fucked and i didn't get kissed. I got so fucking pissed. Using my hand for an ashtray. Now i'll tell you who i am i'm the repo-man". That's the only words in this song that could possibly tell you it was in this movie.

And that's at the end of the song. The rest of it is about toadstoals and wizards. So don't ask me the deeper meaning of it. Cool song though. -T

Well, turtle just asked me that dreaded question. No, not that one. This one: What are you listening to right this minute? Yea, it's that time again. Winamp Russian Roulette. And at this moment it is.....

Lagwagon May 16

d33776anfgd.jpgOk, not so bad. Still haven't caught me listening to navel gazing emo yet.
Lagwagon is just one of those bands that usually makes me think happy thoughts. Maybe it's his voice. Maybe it's the way most of their songs don't really follow a standard pattern of verse/chorus/verse. Their songs always have a sense of airiness beneath them. This one in particular. And the one day I thought about the words I was singing (I had been really enjoying the music, the whole feel of the song, more than the lyrics up to that point) and I wondered. Hmmm. May 16th seems like a pretty crap day here. Someone packed up and left. Someone is a little...angry? Disappointed? Resigned? And then I read an interview where they said the song was about a loss of friendship. So yea, I was right in a way. And that kind of sucks because now when I hear the song I don't feel that sunshine-day-everything-is-groovy feeling anymore. I just feel a bit bad. Plus, it reminds me of playing Tony Hawk til 5am for three weeks straight when I had a really bad case of insomnia and I sucked so hard at that game. So yea, this song is all about vicarious disappointment and having sleep deprivation hallucinations while falling off virtual skateboards for me. -M

So we did it.

Why don't you tell us what's playing in your world right now?

June 20, 2006

What's Playing, Volume 2

Second in our new series: What Are You Listening to Now? Which is kind of like a challenge to us and all of you to be completely honest about what's in your player at the moment. Me, I play it like musical Russian Roullette by hitting shuffle and writing about what song comes next, so one day you just may see me being completely honest and writing about Air Supply. Play it how you want it. But we're being honest with you (sometimes, like today, it works out ok for both of us), you do the same. What's on in your world right now?

Turtle first:


Once again we came out lucky. We just hit play on the machines and wondered what we were listening to last. Well for me, it was last night. See, what alot of you don't know is I try to sleep when Michele does to be up with her. Call it romantic or call it weird. Idunno. But sometimes that doesn't happen. I can't sleep. Or slept too much. Or need cheap tacos. Or I need to get dog food. Or she has to take her daughter and get coffee while drinking water.

*I just made fun of her accent*

And when I can't sleep, and she is sleeping, I type up other things on this site and cruise around on other sites. I just try to get tired. Try to wear myself out. And it works. But playing music at one in the morning really loud just doesn't happen. It usually is really soft.

So you guys get a story and I get to sleep. So it kinda works out. I've been limiting myself to writing at night to midnight, so this is just all background music. Just something to wear me out and put me down. Something that is soft and makes me wanna quit writing before midnight. The best part of my day is when I wake up, talk to Michele, then hit play to find out where I was the night before. It's kinda like the surprise out of a Cracker Jack's box.

You know it might suck. But you needed to find out what it was.

When Michele says whats on now. It's truth time.

The Business - Suburban Rebels (download)

What the hell was I listening to last night? I sit here and say how much I want to sleep then put this on? The hell am I thinking?

"Got lots of mouth when you're in a crowd
But when you're alone you don't speak loud"


Nice threat there.

Must have been a rough night for me. Gotta see if my dog is still around. That's the kind of stuff I listen to when I sleep? No wonder I am always speaking about jellied eels. But anyways, I got lucky. This is a great song about being from a ghetto, albeit an English one, and hating the upper class kids who thought they were like you. English ghettos. That sounds funny. I wonder if they have deep fried jellied eels and their dads all wore funny hats and cleaned words off the wall every night in their pub. Hersham 1969 still won't come off from that last night hooligan with a pen.

There is something about this song. Class warfare? Hating something you weren't in? Someone who thought they were better then you? I don't really know. But, it is something so angry that it always reminds me of growing up and being made fun of by the rich kids who were the same kids who bought drugs from me. Yeah, you can yell at me with five of your friends, but if you're alone and I see you, you seem to just duck your head. Where are the yells? Why aren't I a cocksucker anymore? What happened? Where did you go? You fight like Hell's Angels? The fuck is up? Yell at me! Dammit. Jeez. Pussy.

This is just about being someone who shouldn't be where he was. Getting called names when you couldn't do anything cause you would get your ass kicked. It looks like that gang bullshit that filled most of the California scene for too many years. I guess was the same scene in England.

*Stuck an obscure reference in there. See if you can find it!*

I guess the moral to the story is....

I listen to some weird music to sleep to.

So what are you listening to?
-- T

I don’t have access to my massive library of music here at work and that’s just as well, as there is less chance I will land upon one of those really embarrassing songs when we play this game. And my iPod seems, once again, to be dead (have I mentioned that I think iPods are pieces of crap?) so there’s no chance I will end up having to explain why the theme to St. Elmo’s Fire is in my rotation and that’s a good thing. For today’s “what are you listening to right now” challenge, I load up my smallish iTunes library and get......

Queens of the Stone Age - "Mosquito Song" (download)

Well this is kind of weird and maybe an omen of some sort? See, last night I dreamed about mosquitos. A swarm of them were buzzing in my ear. I woke up and my phone was vibrating under my pillow. Turtle calling! So maybe it’s not so much on omen as a coincidence, but if I come across any mosquitoes today I’m gonna be mighty suspicious.

This is the hidden track on Songs for the Deaf, which is the greatest album by one of the greatest bands ever. Yea, I’m kind of schizophrenic about my music. I’m all about the punk rock. And metal. And stoner rock. Yea, and 80's film soundtracks. But, Mosquito Song.

I fell in love with this song a long time ago, but got reacquainted with it last summer when I went through a hardcore Songs for the Deaf stage. I would get to the end of the CD and just keep hitting repeat on this song. Something about it. Something secret and dark and foreboding. The words. The music. His voice. Oh, his voice. All of us food, that hasn’t died. I had this CD in the car when I drove to upstate NY for a family vacation last August. Again, hitting repeat on this one song, driving through the dense mountains and winding roads of Roscoe, NY just as it’s about to get dark, the words perform a fitting tribute to the sounds that play over the music - a constant buzz that is not just one bug, but thousands and thousands of all different breeds of insects waiting for a body to pounce on, a dead animal to feast on. They come in from the waters when the lights go down, hiding from the bats that have come out for dinner. You roll up the car windows to drown out the sound, and to keep out anything that might be lurking in the woods because we all know that things lurk out here at night.

Fat and soft, pink and weak
Foot and thigh, tongue and cheek
You know I'm told they swallow you whole
Skin and bone
Cutting boards and hanging hooks
Bloody knives, cooking books
Promising you won't feel a thing
At all

This song is a horror movie waiting to be written.

So tell us what you are listening to now and hey, don't forget to go over and leave your suggestions for the most offensive punk song list.

June 17, 2006

New Feature: What's Playing Now?

So Michele and I were sitting around this morning wondering what the hell to do pre USA World Cup. She has something to do today and I need to nap. Yeah. I don't move that much on the weekends. Starting to get the turtle name? And she flies. She has a cat that screams all day, for christ sake. So she has to. I just have a sleeping dog. My dog barely moves. So it kinda works out. But anyways, we wondered about something to do today. It can't be that long. We don't have that much time. In a few hours you lose us to World Cup,stuck on the TV, and depending on who wins, you might lose turtle all night. But thats just what happens. So what to do?

Turn on your stereo. All of you. Right now. Or your WinAmp, iTunes or your CD player. What are you listening to? Honestly. Don't get all badass and pull out something like out of control that you know you haven't heard in ten years.

Michele asked me honestly to tell her. Type up a review of the song. What was playing right now. At this second. Tell me how I felt about it. I asked the same. Add your own in cause this will become a weekly (or more) feature if you guys like it. Us just jumping out and asking you to tell us about the song you are listening to right now. Turn the music up cause here we go. Ready?

Michele's song

Pantera - "Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills"

Man, this idea is gonna kick me in the head one of these days. I’ve got over 10,000 songs on shuffle in my Winamp because, for the sake of pure honesty, I loaded up every folder, not just the one titled “daily listens.” So I’ve got everything from Air Supply and Anti-Flag to Zao and Zeke in here. So it's not always gonna be punk rock. Yea, that’s right. I said Air Supply. Wanna make something of it, then step up, because “All Out of Love” is a badass song and I will defend it to my death.

So what did I end up with today? Pan-fucking-tera. After three straight days of practically listening to nothing but Fang’s “The Money Will Roll Right In” on repeat, this is like a kick in the nuts. Well, if I had nuts.

I fucked your girlfriend last night. A song about banging a chick while her boyfriend snores and drools in a drug/drink induced sleep. A mean, mean, mean fucking song on so many levels. Phil talking his way through this as if he just woke up from a heroin coma, and then the screaming and the slow, drawn out cadence of the music, makes you feel like you’re trudging through muddy nightmare of drugs and death and drunken sex and a depravity so low that you end up thinking, god damn, I hate this fucking song. I hate Phil Anselmo and I hate this song. Why couldn’t my Winamp have landed on “I’m Broken” instead? Or hell, I would have taken “All Out of Love” at this point. This song fucks me up. Listen at your own discretion.

*pours out a 40 for dimebag*

Turtle's song

Pixies - "Caribou"

The start to an album that really is kinda cool. I can't tell what album it is on because it was stolen many years ago and I'll I have is a burn. But, as we said whatever was playing we would review. It's too bad that after reading the lyrics, I still have no clue what she's talking about. Meh. It happens.

Kim Deal's voice was what brought me into the Pixies and later to the Breeders. She always sounded to desparete. So kind of, well, like sad. It was like she realized this was the end and this was it. Seems like in all the songs, unless she was singing with Frank Whateverthefuckhewantstocallhimselfthisweek, she always seemed sad on this album. The only song she really sounded happy on was a love song on another album. About sex in the shade? Ok. I'll admit. I had a crush on her. But, we said we had to do this honestly. So there is. I had a crush on her voice. Frank was always too pissed. His voice was like he was just angry about ...nothing? But it was different with her. She seemed to slow it down and add a human tone to the band. It was really kinda sad. Like she new everything wasn't right in her life. Everything was starting to suck.

But she was going.

If she was still going.

Why couldn't you?

So what's playing for you right now?

Pantera - Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills
Pixies - Caribou

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