Always Have A Backup
by Michele Christopher


What week is it? Week 5? Hmmm. Let's see, the Pats are 3-1, that adds up to 4, and there's a game on Sunday, which is today, and that makes 5. Cool. Welcome to Week 5!

Wow. The season is 1/4 over. It goes by fast doesn't it? Too fast.

If you're a regular reader of this here web site, you know there's been a few posts over the past week about sports and the rivalries that exist between teams, but this post is going to be different.

Let's not talk about the teams you dislike (me: Oakland, Denver), let's talk about your backup teams.

A backup team is a team that you root for on the side. These are the teams that you look for as the scores scroll by on the bottom of the TV screen,exn20041115-jj-football.jpg hoping to see a win next to their names. These are the teams that, if your team suffers a loss, you can at least feel a little better knowing that your backup team got a win. If your favorite and your backup both lose, well that just blows. Move on to backup number two if you've got one.

So which football teams are your backup teams? Here are some of mine:

San Diego Chargers - Why do I like these guys? Well, this is going to sound so lame, but, I like their uniforms. I think that lightning bolt on their helmets is cool looking. And they've got some good players too, ok? LaDanian Tomlinson is great running back who, as long as he's not slicing through my team's defense, is exciting to watch.

Cleveland Browns - These guys are a fairly new backup team for me. I mainly root for The Browns because I like their head coach, former Pats defesive coordinator, Romeo Crennel. I want to see him do well as a head coach and if the Browns are doing well, Romeo's doing well.

Chicago Bears - I spent a lot of years hating these guys after 1985/86 (Superbowl XX. Look it up.) but over the past few years, I've been able to let go of my hate. The Bears have had some down years and now are a team on the rise again. I would not mind seeing them back in the big game (vs. The Patriots so we can exact our revenge, but still...) Chicago is one of the old school teams and even though they built a brand new stadium, they still play outside, in the cold, not in some wussy dome. I like that. Football is meant to be played outdoors.

Minnesota Vikings - These guys are actually my Dad's backup team, so they kind of default to being one of my backup teams as well. They were a powerhouse a few years ago and have fallen on a bit of hard times the last few seasons, but it looks like they are starting to turn it around a little this year. And they have cool uniforms. All purple with the Viking Horns on the helmet. Neat.

So now that you know a few of my back up teams, go ahead and tell us who your backup teams are in the comments, or if you want to, feel free to buck the system and tell us which teams you hate. Or post some pics of your favorite cheer-babe. That would be perfectly acceptable as well. Whatever. Just go nuts and have fun.

Now, as far as this weeks schedule, I've gotta be honest, there's not a lot of match-ups that are jumping out at me this week but here are the ones that look good to me:

Detroit at Minnesota - Detroit is just awful right now. I'll take The Vikes.

Miami at New England - Squish the Fish.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans - 0-4 is gonna suck for The

Washington at NY Giants - I'll take The 'Skins and Tony Stewart's boss, Joe Gibbs.

Cleveland Rocks at Carolina - Tossup. Carolina.

Buffalo at Chicago - Chicago wins in a battle at Soldier Field (like how I did that shit?)

St.Louis at Green Bay - I'll take The Pack. Far-vre is at his best playing at home.

Tennessee at Indy - It's all about putting up the stats during the regular season for Indy, who will win again (rolls eyes).

Oakland at San Fran - Since Randy Moss says that nobody on The Raiders cares about winning anymore, I'll say, 'Good!' and take The 'Niners.

NY J-E-T-S at Jacksonville - Hmm. Tough game. I'll take the Jags.

Kansas City at Arizona - Gotta take The Chefs. K.C. does not look that great this year but great googily-moogily, Arizona is awful.

Dallas at Philly - I'm taking Philly in this one. Terrell Owen's return to Philadelphia as a Cowboy should be 'interesting.'

Pittsburgh at San Diego - I'll take the Chargers. Pittsburgh is getting everybody's best game and then some this year and they don't seem to be handling it too well.

Baltimore at Denver - Now this will be a good game. I'll take Baltimore and I'll be hoping they lay the ever-loving smack down on Denver in front of their home fans. Not that I'm vindictive or anything. Ok, yes I am.

Enjoy Week 5!

Ernie writes daily about football and other stuff at Mr. B and W. You should check it out.


Terrell Owen's return to Philadelphia as a Cowboy should be 'interesting.'

Interesting ? We aren't gonna be happy until Drew Rosenhaus' whiny little "I wasn't trying to kill myself" puppet is smeared all over the Linc. Maybe you weren't "trying" to kill yourself T. O., but that's okay, we'll finish the job for you.

That being said, the Dallas offense looks pretty good this year. And if the Birds can't find (and keep) their rhythm throughout the game (especially the second half), it's going to be a very disappointing home game.

And we don't like disappointment in South Philly.


Like I said, that game is going to be very interesting! Ha.

Don't worry as long as Philly's D can get in Drew Bledsoe's face, you'll be set.


My back up team is the Pack. Yea, Jets backed up my GB. I'm doomed.

I think we should have a pool on what items are thrown most frequently at TO today.

I'll put five dollars on prescription bottles.


We had several radio stations running the "Guess The Number Of Vicodin" in the bottle game during the week for tickets to the game.

That's what I love about this town. We hate the Cowboys... Always have. And now we have a really good reason to.

Funny Story:
Ed Rendell ran this city better than any mayor in the last 20 years. A few years ago, during his first mayoral race, he was implicated in what became known as "The Cowboys Incident". He was up in the cheap seats, watching the Cowboys lose horribly to the Birds. The ref's were making horrible calls, mostly favoring the visiting team.

A few other fans had been throwing snowballs at the field and Ed bet that the guy sitting next to him couldn't hit the field as well. Not only could the guy hit the field, but he could hit the Dallas bench. Ed paid him $20 for every snowball that hit the bench or a Dallas player. And then he bailed the guy out of jail.

Did it hurt his chances in the mayoral race ? Hell no. He won by a landslide. And now he runs the state.


I use these to throw at the TV when upset and also to squish in my hands during times of high stress...

I seem to recall that snowball thing. Was that the one where somebody got hit with a chunck of ice? Or maybe was that at Giants stadium... Cant remember.


GO BRONCOS!!! And my backup team is the Vikings.


A bunch of good 1:00 games. Fox is carrying Philly / Dallas. This is a good back and forth game so far.

I'm sure Finn, you are dyin though. I know the feeling!!



The JETS are about three weeks ahead of the "disappoint me again" schedule.

At least they aren't going to cock tease me by appearing to be good for a few weeks this season.


I was surprised to see that score. I kind of thought the Jags would win but I was not expecting to see a blowout.


Iggles FTW... But damn, that was close...

I was clenched up for the entire fourth quarter....


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