Sunman and Amy the Monster Hunter - Together At Last
by Kory Schaubhut

Kory may or may not be a generic superhero in his spare time.



How in the hell do you get that thing to say Klytpytab?


- Play Scrabble with Batyptylk and attempt to cheat, whereupon Batyptylk will slip up and say "Klytpytab isn't a word!"
- Disguise yourself as a gorgeous female imp and then introduce yourself as Klytpytab, whereupon Batyptylk will slip up and respond "Klytpytab, what a beautiful name."
- Digitally remaster Batyptylk's "The Shining" DVD to have "Klytpytab" appear in place of "Red Rum," whereupon B will slip up etc etc
- Masterfully manipulate a debate with B so that the words "Clit," "Pie," and "Tab" come up sequentially on his end of the conversation.
- Use your vampiric hypnotic gaze on B and then command him to say "Klytpytab."
- Challenge B to a rousing game of "I bet you can't say your name backwards."
- Trick B into teaching a class in Ukrainian literature at the local junior college and then alter the syllabus to include many discussions of the famous poem "Klytpytab"
- Have a record company sign B to do a cover of the hit single "Klytpytab, Yeah Yeah Yeah"
- etc


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