Ten Quick Questions With Dirk Deppey of The Comics Journal
by Michele Christopher

1. Who are you?

I'm Dirk Deppey, formerly the managing editor of The Comics Journal and currently its online editor and designated blogger (at Journalista!).

2. Zombies - undead monstrosity or the next logical step in human evolution ?

Neither; zombies don't exist. I deny your premise. Hah!

3. Young Elvis or Fat Elvis?

fleur_banner.jpgYoung Elvis, of course. I don't see him as some sort of kitsch icon, but rather as one of the vanguard of early rock and roll, the blend of Chicago blues and Honkytonk country that revolutionized American music.

4. If you were a superhero, what would your name be?

"Dirk Deppey." I think secret identities are stupid.

5. You are the last man on earth, and it is your job to perpetuate the human race, whether you like it or not. Your choice of potential mates is between Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, Super Girl or Hilary Clinton. Which one do you choose?

Man, talk about a lack of choice. Hilary Clinton's post-menopausal, isn't she? Supergirl's too young to be under serious consideration -- that's not a value judgment on her being jailbait, but rather an acknowledgment that nobody under 22 years of age really knows how to screw. (I realized this at the age of 21, and after that it was another ten years before I again slept with someone who wasn't at least a dozen years older than I was. Some skills really DO take time to acquire!) I suspect that of the two remaining possibilities, the Bionic Woman is the least likely to injure me while in the throes of orgasm, if only because there's just an arm and a leg to watch out for, so I'll go with her.
Unless artificial insemination's an option, in which case I'd go with that instead.

6. What was your first car?

A rust-colored, weather-beaten 1967 Chevy Biscayne that I bought for $25 and got up and running for another $80 in parts. Hey, don't laugh; it got me from Arizona to California and back one summer.bionicwoman.jpg

7. If you were going to show me around your city/town, where's the first place you would take me?

The Fourth Avenue/Congress Street axis of downtown Tucson; it's a funky little place and well worth exploring on foot.

8. What's the last album you bought?

That would be the latest Blackalicious album, "The Craft," which I bought during the Seattle stop of their last tour.

9. Do you have an arch enemy? Would you like one?

No and God no. Unless it's lack of sleep, in which case I want well rid of my arch enemy.

10. What's the title of the movie they are going to make about your teenage years?

"Please Don't Sue Us For Making a Movie of Your Teenage Years, Mr. Deppey" -- and Hell yes, I'll sue.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Dirk. The current issue of The Comics Journal is available online or at a decent bookstore/comic store near you. If you have such a thing. Also, check out Fantagraphics Books.

Dirk Deppey, served as Managing Editor of The Comics Journal for just over two years and now writes its weblog, updated every weekday. He lives somewhere in Southern Arizona and will someday regret his denial of zombies

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