suite surrender, part VI
by Kali Pornia

i'm still in my robe. i've put on a red bra and panties and fishnet thigh highs, but the black silk robe is back on and tied around my waist. i'm leaning over the dresser making that funny face to put on eyeliner. alex is in the shower and frank black and i are singing about slicing up eyeballs so i don't hear you come in.

i have no idea how long you were watching me.

"what does that mean?" you bellow.

"holy fuck!" completely startled, i whip around eyeliner held like a weapon but am so scared i end up almost on top of the bureau. "oh my god you scared the shit out of me!"

you let go of your suitcase handle as i fly across the room and pounce at you wrapping my legs around your middle. i hug you tight and kiss your neck and ears and cheek. you turn to face the wall and press my back up against it like last time, kissing my neck in turn. you press yourself into me, body greeting body, hands exploring, kissing necks and faces. necking, one might call it.

soon our tongues are exploring each others mouth and i let my legs drop to the floor as you hold my head in your hands and i hold your hips. after a few minutes of this necking, you pull your body away from mine to get a better look. i pull at the robe and straighten my hair, wiping the saliva off of my face and biting my lower lip like i do.

"you were gonna do some damage with that eyeliner."eyeliner12.jpg

"fuck off, you're lucky i didn't put my own eye out. you can't sneak up on a girl like that."

"oh but i just did."

my holy god you're cute when you're smug. can i hate that i love you so much? i can't even act superior around you. you know my game. you've landed on every space of the board. something about that is thrilling. like my fucking skin is being ripped off and my insides feel the cool air and it is the most freeing feeling i've ever experienced. mia zapata tells us about her day. she is dizzy in her brain.

"i just gave your best friend the most incredible blow job he's ever had." i begin to walk back to the mirror.

"oooh, i love those..." you grab my arm and spin me around and pull me in again. you inhale big, burying your nose in my neck. "mmm shampoo and pheromones."

"damn it's good to see you."

"c'mon, if you gave him one of those blow jobs, he's going to be in there a while." you give my ass a squeeze.

squeak squeak squeak of the hot spigot, water slows and then halts. "he already has been in there a while." i smile and turn back toward the mirror to finish putting on my face.

"hey joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?" you bellow as you fix yourself some scotch.

he appears at the bathroom doorway, toweling off his hair. "i'm going down to shoot my old lady. i caught her messing 'round with another man."

you two greet each other like brothers. right hand shake pulls in to a hug. the only thing he wears is one of those little white towels wrapped at his waist. you're in your black armani jacket, jeans and tuxedo shirt. and mia and i can't seem to hold on to a fucking thought.

"alright fags, we've got a hour til dinner and i know you'll want to have a cigar at the bar first."

"damn, she's good." joe walks toward his garment bag. "you wearing that?" he says.

"yup. i'm among friends, right?"

"good i'm wearing jeans too then."

"you'll need a jacket for the restaurant," geez i sound like my mother. "and please, try not to look like twins... wait, nevermind. that's kinda hot."

the two of you shake your heads and smile, glenn danzig swoons about copulating maggots, and i know that this is going to be fun...

Kali 's got some kinda love, some kinda hate



Niiiiiiiiice turn kali. I love second person point of view. Very cool.


I don't even know what to say about this. This is a *very nice* installment of your column. Very.


yay! thanks, gents!


For a minute there, I thought you were going to talk about Glenn Danzig sweeping into the room.

Story keeps getting better, kali.


An interesting turn in the story, to say the least.

Now, waiting for next Thursday...


For a minute there, I thought you were going to talk about Glenn Danzig sweeping into the room.

me too. i was all ready for some hot Danzig action.

Nice job, Kali.


quite boring,actually


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