the party wagon
by Michele Christopher

Kali steps outside of her regular column to write reminisce about a station wagon

in 1988 i was 16 years old and i was the only one with a car. well, okay, it was my mom's car. (my dad had bought me a 1983 firebird as a present, but i'd wrecked it before i was legal -- a story for another time, perhaps)

so in 1988 i was the man with the van -- only i was a woman and it was a 1984 ford LTD country squire. those were the years i was hanging out with the crew who hung out with the crew known as BASH (baltimore area skinheads) who fancied themselves an offshoot of SHARP. what that really all means is that the girls (read:me) ran around in checkered mini-skirts and the boys searched the golf shops for fred perrys to wear with their levis and braces. we were FOR racial unity. which meant that we'd beat your fucking brains in if you were a racist. you know -- thugs, but socially aware thugs.

and in 1988 all the cool shows were in DC. and mostly at the 930 club (now known as "the old 930 club") so i'd pile 8 or ten skins in the country squire - complete with fake wood paneling - and cruise on down route 50. those (mostly) boys fucked so hard with other people on the road. the best part were the two retractable inward facing benchseats in the far back. well, ok, and the monster V8. we'd blur past a family in a 4 door sedan with arms and extended fingers flailing out the tailgate window.

seats.JPGi'm sure we looked like a clockwork orange clown car when we pulled up at 930 f street and skinheads started piling out onto the sidewalk.

i had my first acid trip in that wagon. some hippy at a house party gave me a sugarcube and told me to eat it. when everyone started looking like mice i decided it was time to go and was deemed so "fucked up" that skinhead pat was handed the keys to my mom's car.

the last lucid thing i remember about that night was hearing the words "don't spill the chocolate sauce or my mom will know i pulled the wool over her eyes" coming out of my mouth.

i'm still not sure whether pat really did a 360 at that stop light or not.....

Got any "party car" memories to share with us?

Kali still thinks you look like a mouse.

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Heh. I had a mini-van. Rather, my parents had a mini-van, which I drove to hell.

Driving down the road with Suicidal Tendencies blaring. That's what I remember most.


I remember one night when we were all out drinking, heavily at that, and piled into my then-sister in law's minivan to make a Krystals run. There were probably 10 adults in that mini-van, and I swear you there were sparks from where it was riding so low.

When we arrived at the restaurant and started getting out, it looked like a friggin' clown car at the circus where people just keep coming out...and just when you think there couldn't possibly be one more person, out comes another.

Ah, good times.


we had a car one time. and old beat up datsun or something like that. It wasn't going to make it thru the summer so we covered it in spray paint, chopped of the roof and rolled to shows in this car.

it was pretty awesome till someones ex covered the interior in gasoline and lit the fucker on fire.


One of my friends had a Volare wagon. Total piece of shit. We'd get hammered and drive up to Hampton Beach N.H., sleep in the back and then spend the next day at the beach hanging out and cruising the strip in the Volare. Oh yeah. Total chick magnet that car was.

It had a bad transmission too, so anytime you put it into gear, the engine would rev but the car would not move, then there would be a loud CLUNK as the tranny kicked in. The thing was like rolling hilarity, both the car and the passengers.


yeah so i learned how to drive (stoned of course) in my dad's '87 tercel. it was like driving a golf cart. you had to floor it to get it to creep up to 35, 45, etc. so my best friend chris liked to fuck with shit while i was driving. like the wipers, the lights, turn up the radio as loud as it would go on a country station, and so on. he also liked to honk the horn while i was driving. so one day he is reaching over, trying to obnoxiously honk and honk and i am fighting him off with my elbow and this is going on for several minutes and then i pull the steering wheel OFF it's column and into my lap. luckily we were at a stoplight at this point. good times.


my friend bob had a great story about a station wagon.


i miss bob


Yeah, Bob had some great posts alright.

I used to do a lot of drugs when I was younger but hardly ever drank, due to the negative effects of mixing certain drugs with alcohol. As a result my Mom's car was often the party car. I might get pulled over but I could straighten up and fuck that breathalyzer over every time.

I do remember being one of 13 people in a Toyota Tercel. C'mon, I know someone can beat that.


i've only done 6 in a crx

/hangs head in shame


dude. i miss bob too.


notice bob's icon is still up with all his stories

he is welcome back anytime he wants


Bob's stories were great. Hope Bob is doing ok.


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