Traditions, My Ass. Let's See Who's Playing!
by Michele Christopher

Hey what’s up Football Fans? Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everybody out there is having a nice holiday. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday of the season. No pressure. No presents. No lights. No cards. Just get together, spend some time with family and friends and have a nice dinner.

And there’s football. Lots of football.

This is the day of high school football rivalries. This is the day that a victory on the field earns you bragging rights over the opposition for the next year. This is the day where, if you’re lucky, maybe you get a little something after the school semi-formal dance later on tonight.

Just remember, you can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant… thermos.jpg

For the record I was never very successful at high school semi-formal dance conquests. Horny as hell and shy as hell. Not a good combo for getting the chicks. Oh well. I was such a nice guy though... (Dammit!)

In Jr. High, I was in the school marching band and I played the trumpet. For weeks leading up to the big Turkey Day game, we’d practice marching and get drilled up and down the school basketball court by the school music director.

With the help of his bullhorn he’d scream about how so and so was supposed to go this way, and ‘you were supposed to turn this direction, not that direction dummy!’ and ‘Did you even practice this piece?’

At half-time of the game we’d go out and make our best attempt at all the various complex marching formations while playing marching versions of J. Geiles Band songs and ‘Louie, Louie’. Then we’d be back in the stands to goof around or play some songs to get the crowd excited.

When I started high-school I decided that I’d had enough of the marching band and that I’d rather just go to the games and hang out with my friends. The Thanksgiving high-school football game was always a lot of fun, though I never did watch much of the actual game. That was more of a time for my buddies and I to hang around, shoot the shit and of course, try to talk to girls.

One year my friend and I brought in some thermoses of hot chocolate that happened to also contain a pint of 100 proof Polar-Bar peppermint schnapps. I don’t remember much from that game, but afterwards I got home for turkey dinner with the family and was a very happy, babbling drunk, slurring my words as I told Grandma all about the game, lacing the description with some choice f-bombs here and there.


My Mom was horrified and my uncles just laughed. Mom was pissed but the world did not end, and now it gives them something to rag on me about every Thanksgiving for dinner conversation.

Got any good Turkey Day stories? Let us hear about them in the comments!

Coming up this afternoon we’ve got the traditional Thanksgiving NFL games. Believe it or not my Mom is actually under the impression that we are going to let the kids watch holiday shows in lieu of watching football today. HA HA HA HA! Can you believe that? Heh. My Mom… I love her. She can be so funny sometimes...

This year’s T-Day Games feature Miami at Detroit in the 12:30 game and Tampa Bay at Dallas at 4:30. Later on tonight, Thursday Night Football makes it debut with Denver at Kansas City. That’s right. For the remainder of the season there’s now a Thursday Night game. (This is how The NFL strong-arms cable companies into picking up the NFL Network.)

Looking at the games, Detroit is down this year, but they usually rise up and put something extra into the Thanksgiving Day Game. They are playing a Miami team that is not exactly setting the league on fire, so hopefully it will be an entertaining game as neither team should be over-matched. Neither of these teams has a shot at making the playoffs at this point and they’ve got nothing to play for except for pride and Thanksgiving Day bragging rights.aturkbal.gifPlus, there’s a chance that a win might provide some motivation for the chicks at the semi-formal dance later on that night.

Remember, you can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant, and I’ll take Detroit to win.

In the Dallas / Tampa Bay game, we have a team that has something to play for in Dallas, who is fighting to grab the top spot in the NFC East away from The NY Giants. Things got a lot easier for Dallas after Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb went down with a season ending injury on Sunday. Expect The Cowboys to show now mercy vs. the 3-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’ll take Dallas to win and get the chicks at the semi-formal later.

In case you have not figured it out yet, I’m picking all the home teams here on Turkey Day. That means I’ll be picking K.C. to upset Denver in the night game.

This is actually shaping up to be a very good game as the scrum in the AFC West continues and K.C. looks to move into second place in the toughest division in football. Denver is smarting after a very tough loss to another division rival last Sunday, as San Diego came from behind to beat them 35-27 and take the top spot in the division. If K.C. wins tonight, Denver will go from first place to third place in the AFC West over the course of a single week. Ouch.

Enjoy the games and have a great Thanksgiving my friends (and pass the gravy!)


the only cool one i remember was when like 15 of us forgotten ones were invited to this one persons house. it was the "no family" thanksgiving.

weird night


There was the Thanksgiving my father punched out my then husband. That was fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ernie.


I think that turkey COULD! GO! ALL! THA! WAAAY!


We threw a "No Family Thanksgiving" for about five years running... They always ended with empty bottles of tequila littering the coffee table and something on fire...

Good times, good times...



I know who that guy was with you! He was at your turkey dinner and then went to his own one afterwards and did the same thing with his family.....



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