We Are Road Crew, Part 2
by Michele Christopher

Written on the fly by Turtle as he made his way across the country. Completely ripped off from Motorhead.

We are the road crew

Another town, another state2_restnt.jpg
Another day to learn my fate
Last cigarette, I won't be late

Stop at Stations, get more smokes
If I keep this up
I'll soon be broke

We are the road crew

All this corn and I don't care
Get out of my way
Hear my car horn blare

Cities coming fast on me
Real humans I can finally see
Bladder bursting, I gotta pee

We are the road crew

Peed into an old coke can
Threw it out the window
Almost hit an old man

pennsylvaniaphoto.jpgNow I'm in Ohio
Some weird guy wants me to go
To some where in Chicago

We are the road crew

Not many cops on the way
Suddenly they wouldn't go away
Pennsylvania extended my stay

Now it's over, I crossed the states
Sure I am a little bit late
But I'm in New York, make no mistake

We are the road crew

FTTW wants to stress that turtle's views on Pennsylvania State Troopers in not shared by FTTW

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