power fucking
by Kali Pornia

truth be told i'm a little sick of the suite surrender. don't get me wrong... next week will be the uh er climax (insert rim job shot) but really i'm over it. crimoney at this point i feel like this: she has three holes they have two cocks, you do the math and get back to me, mmm k?

perhaps next week i'll feel a little more motivated to write about a two man/one woman threesome but today? meh. not so much.humdog_med.gif

last night as my dog was humping my arm i was thinking about sex. not in the linda lovelace kinda way (man did she ever come back from that? do porn stars ever really "come back?" speaking of which, what happened to traci lords' mainstream acting vie? can i use pornstar and vie in the same parenthetical tangent? has said parenthetical tangent gone on too long?) but in the sex=power kind of way.

i mean dogs seem to have the basics of sex=power down. sorta. they fuck to procreate but otherwise it's mostly about who's humping who and who's getting humped. and that, my friends, is how i lived my sex life before i started to enjoy it. just like my dog humping my arm to try to tell me i was his bitch. (before i flipped that fucker on to his back and screamed "i'm not your bitch you little mutherfucker YOU ARE MINE." but, again, i digress...)

i didn't know it until recently but mostly i used sex for power. i certainly didn't enjoy it much. i know this because up until about 10 years ago during sex i would just make oooh aahh noises waiting for "him" to be "done." ya, i know... hot. so why was i having sex? i mean, really, why would a girl put herself in that position? (man the double entendres are zinging around up in this piece.)

so the way i see it there are three kinds of pussy power, each with their own subset: prefuck, fucking and post-coital.

the prefuck power is what i used to get drunk on. seriously. there's nothing like the rush of power that flows in when i know that someone wants to have sex with me. this must be something that ex-strippers have to deal with all the time. i can get high on that shit. blood rushes to my ears (kinda like eating E) and i am in heaven. too bad i could never hold out there for very long. also it becomes another addiction for me. because once i've fucked you? ladyelaine.gif well mostly that power's gone. it moves into a whole 'nother realm. then i have to go find someone else and make them want to fuck me in order to get the high back. (ya i know it's sick i belong in every 12 step program they have come up with so far.)

fucking power is a little more elusive. this is the one that canines have down pat. it took me a little longer to figure it out and then even longer to realize what i was doing exactly. this is about being the fucker. as opposed to the fuckee. i mean, i give a helluva blowjob. i fucking love making guys go out of their minds. i'm also great on top. (that took a while too because us females have mad body issues and being on top... well... there's just nowhere to hide.) so i'm the fucker. usually. and there's power in that. getting head? well... i'm not so great at that. why? well, my guess is that in order to fully lose myself in that kinda of orgasm i have to be vulnerable. (ick... that word creeps me out.) i mean there's no more powerless position than having my legs spread wide open, half sitting up, eyes rolling to the back of my head. easy to see who's in charge in that scenario... and it's not me. so i probably won't let you do that right away. (assuming that you even want to... which is another post entirely.)

then there's the post-coital power. this is pretty ellusive too and honestly a married woman would be better versed on this subject than i. this is where the pussy transactions occur. if you do this you'll get a blowjob. if you make me mad you can kiss the pussy goodbye for at least a week. you know, we've all heard how sex power can go bad for the men. all the jokes about a sex life dying after marriage. i know nothing about this. perhaps it's why i'm not married. either that or my huge fear of committment. either way, really. heh.

so ya, i'm no margaret fucking mead, but those are my thoughts. hey maybe i am the fucking margaret mead. whadya think???

kali learns alot of life's lessons from watching her doggies have sex.



and you people wonder why i masturbate so much


Let's talk about the blowjob thing for a minute. I have heard so many men say that they are in control when some chick is having her mouth banged. I guess in certain positions they are right. But for me it is the most powerful position I can be in. You have the guys most vulnerable part in between your TEETH. Doesn't get more powerful then that. That thought alone, that I have total control so you better not piss me off right now, is such a high for me when I am giving a blow job. Love it!! I'd rather blow then be blown on any day!


I can completely relate to building something up and then getting totally bored with it. Not talking about sex, of course... if only long term relationships were as simple as "pussy transactions." Although slightly demeaning, I guess, a man could understand and adapt to something like that.


ya bonnie i feel power there too. beyond just the "i can bite it off if i want to" thing. the "i can make you come so hard you'll want to be my sex slave" has a ton of power too, trust me. heh.


I have to agree with you, kali. A blowjob puts the woman in the power position (if the guy will let her do her thing instead of trying to "bang" her mouth) - and she is giving up power/control when a guy goes down on her.


oh there is definitely more then just the "biting it off thing" that gives the power. Being able to tease, stop, start, etc...it is soooo much power!


I'm with you until you get to the "pussy transactions". I've never had a relationship where sex was used as currency, I guess I've been lucky that she always seems to want it as much as I do. And if she doesn't, there's someone who does. But then, I've never been married, and maybe that's why. I don't deal well with ultimatums. And cutting the pussy off? I can't relate, but ouch! I don't negotiate with terrorists, either!


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