Space Pirates: Old Enemies
by Kory Schaubhut

Space Pirates: "Old Enemies"
(4:03 minutes)

This week Captain Pepper and Mr. Roboto return in the first full-fledged episode of their series. Their first appearance was a pilot episode. Accordingly, I've made a few changes and refinements.

Techniques used to make this video include chroma keying, minor flash animations and animated gifs, and the programs Crazy Talk and iClone.

The Reptoid character is my first ever attempt at CGI/machinima. His face was inspired by the Sleestaks from the old Land of the Lost show.

I hope you enjoy the video and please leave feedback below if you have the time.

Kory never met a Sleestak he didn't like.



I can't believe some of the advancements between this and the pilot. This was great!

The Reptili-Sleestak was quite good. And the story was funny.

Almost thought the Heart of Gold was going to pick up the reptilioid there.

Great job, Kory.


Thanks man. No such luck for the poor Reptoid -- we're working from a pretty rigid "no guest stars get out alive" basis. There may be exceptions, but I haven't planned for any.



these are really getting good


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