Ten Quick Questions With Dr. Frank
by Michele Christopher

Today's Ten Quick Answers come from Dr. Frank, punk rocker, author, blogger, future Hollywood star and all around nice guy.

kingdork.jpg1. Who are you?

Dr. Frank a.k.a. Frank Portman. I suppose that should be the other way around, but only recently started using my "real" name and I'm still not used to it. I am in this band called Mr. T Experience and I wrote this book called King Dork.

2. Zombies - undead monstrosity or the next logical step in human evolution ?

Greatest Thing of All Time.

3. Young Elvis or Fat Elvis?

I actually prefer Little E to either of them, but generally speaking I love all the various Elvii.

4. If you were a superhero, what would your name be?

King Dork

5. You are the last man on earth, and it is your job to perpetuate the human race, whether you like it or not. Your choice of potential mates is between Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, Super Girl or Wilma Flintstone. Which one do you choose?

What, no Catwoman? In that case, Super Girl, because we would have strong, incorruptible, and beautiful babies.

6. What was your first car?

1968 Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit, subsequently blown to pieces with a cherry bomb in early '72.


7. If you were going to show me around your city/town, where's the first place you would take me?

Millionaire's Row, Mountain View Cemetery.

8. What's the last album you bought?

Chas & Dave, The Very Best Of.

sockpuppet.jpg 9. Do you have an arch enemy? Would you like one?

I believe most of my enemies remain hidden and attack from the shadows, but the anarchist former bookkeeper of my record label was a master of sock puppetry and used to be pretty arch, as enemies go.

10. What's the title of the movie they are going to make about your teenage years?

When suddenly: nothing happened...

Bonus: here's where you get to plug whatever you are working on at the moment:

I'm working on my second novel, Andromeda Klein. Also still flogging King Dork and writing songs for a future rock and roll album of some kind.

Ed note: If you've never heard Mr. T Experience, you should check them out. This editor's favorite MTX album is Revenge is Sweet and So Are You. She also gives a resounding thumbs up to King Dork.-M

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That's so weird; that's the third time this week I've heard anarchist and sock puppetry in the same sentence.

Nice one Michele, thanks Frank!


ohhhhh Fraaaaaaank.

I was very closely following the story of his lost cat.


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