The Army of Frankenstein is Coming
by Kory Schaubhut

The three Frankenstein videos that appear this week are a precursor to a series called “The Army of Frankenstein,” which will incorporate 3D animation and footage from old public domain movies. The concept for the series evolved from my attempts to create a few videos with very low production values over the holidays to give myself a break.

frankenstein.jpgThis is an intellectual version of Frankenstein, not a brute, although all the things you think happened to Frankenstein probably did happen at some point in his past. Thematic elements that appear in his videos come from a variety of sources. To name a few:

1. Old monster movies, obviously
2. Edutainment of the 50s and 60s, which got quite disturbing at times
3. The opening credits of James Bond movies
4. Jim Steranko’s psychedelic art in Nick Fury comics of the sixties
5. Max Headroom
6. 1984, the TV series the Prisoner, and other similar works
7. Political cartoons

Frankenstein addresses the viewer directly in his videos. In case you’re unfamiliar with the video hosting web site YouTube, I should tell you that many people these days are referring to it as a nation and calling it “YouTubia.” Frankenstein takes this at face value and in his videos you’ll see that whether YouTubia is a web site, an actual nation, or both is rather ambiguous.

I apologize for the poor sound quality in these videos – I’m working on it, I swear. Please let me know what you think of this concept by leaving a comment below.

- Kory

These are the three videos:

Frankenstein Teaches You About Brainwashing

Frankenstein Assumes Control of YouTube

Frankenstein Announces Operation YouTubia Liberation (OYL)

Kory has never engaged in brainwashing. Kory rules. Kory is god. Kory is the greatest thing since sliced bread.



Well, I'm still stuck in the land of dial-up, or otherwise I'd take a look at them. I certainly will once I get back to the house.

I sounds like a great idea though. Can't wait to take a look.


So...I think a cartoon version of Herr Frankenstein's creature just reviewed methods of brainwashing before trying to brainwash me. Postmodernism is such a mindfuck.

Good concept. Things like YouTube give themselves over to metanarrative quite well.


Yep Philbreck. Milton Berle once gave the advice to Conan Obrien that comedy consisted of telling an audience what you intend to do, doing it, then telling them what you did


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