Previously on "Frankenstein!" (again)
by Kory Schaubhut

Frankenstein conquered the quasi-real representation of the web site known as "YouTubia." He taught you to recognize propaganda tactics and then promptly used them in two videos promoting his army. This week the story continues to continue:

Frankenstein Announces Primatization

Last week Frankenstein announced victory in the war against his enemies and was immediately rebuked by Che Guevara. In this video he demonstrates what a leader should do when he mistakenly announces that the mission is accomplished, but it actually hasn't been yet. Just my opinion...


One of Frankenstein's associates steps forward to offer a solution to the problem of spam. The zombie character will be familiar to those of you who viewed the Fictional Universe feature here during October.

Frankenstein: Live Free or Die

Frankenstein momentarily sets aside his war against spammers to address you, the viewer, directly. This is his second alcohol sponsored video... this time brought to you by Crown Royal at the suggestion of a viewer.

Tune in next week when we show you what Che Guevara looks like clad in an orange jumpsuit...

Kory has a post-modern, ironic tatto of Che on the back of his left thigh.



I'm assuming Kory offspring did the Zombie. Hmm. It was quite good. Hmm.

I don't think I've mentioned how cool I think the 16 Tons song is with these videos. It just works perfectly.


I'm enjoying these more every week, Kory.


Thanks guys. Nope, that's me. Voicewise we're interchangeable, except that I can't sing. If I pitch him down or me up, it's close enough to the same voice for cartoon work. - Kory


Oh yeah... I totally forgot to point out that Zombie is incorrect in his video. "I put a spell on you" is by Nina Simone. Eartha Kitt was the 60s-era black catwoman.


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