Frankenstein Monologues
by Kory Schaubhut

Hello again, gang. This time Frankenstein continues his discussion of interrogation and briefly points out human murderability while drunk.

Frankenstein: Interrogation 2 (Intelligence Interrogation)


In this video, Frankenstein returns to the topic of interrogation, looking at it from an intelligence perspective. In case you missed the first discussion, Frankenstein focused on interrogation from a law enforcement point of view and it's available in last week's archive.

Frankenstein's "We All Have An Off Switch" Public Service Announcement


This video is a response to a YouTube user named D4Shawn who suggested that thinking of yourself as "better than human" might help in dealing with people who annoy you. It's quite brief and Frankenstein pretty much just drunkenly points out that we can all be killed rather easily. The implication was supposed to be that on some level we're all equal, but perhaps Frankenstein had one too many drinks to effectively be able to make that point.

Thanks for joining me again this week and take care!

Kory thinks death is the great equalizer.



Elvis has no off switch. And he eats boats.


I read that as "Evil has no off switch." Which is fine. But I don't think Evil eats boats.

Elvis, on the other hand, is everywhere.


Except in Michael J. Fox.

That's right, no Elvis in him.


That's OK, though. No Michael J. Fox on my island. Plenty of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.


I'm contemplating jokes no one should ever make, mostly with a punchline about being all shook up. Also wondering why no notices of comments reached me today. Maybe my spam filter


Also wondering why no notices of comments reached me today. Maybe my spam filter

fixed it


I don't know what's more odd: Frankenstein's monster lecturing on interrogation or the ensuing YouTube comment fracas.


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