Frankenstein Returns
by Kory Schaubhut

Hi gang! I have three more videos for you this week...

Zombie: Michael Moore Interview

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Zombie is interviewed by Michael Moore, who shows some clips from a documentary he's making called "The Detainee." The fictitious documentary features Mr. C and references two old TV shows called "The Prisoner." There's a typo in the credits... sorry about that.

Frankenstein: Interrogation 1 (Police Interrogation)

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Frankenstein gets drunk again and this time tells you all about cop interrogation tactics.

Frankenstein Rant About God and Religions

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Without even the excuse of intoxication, Frankenstein says things about metaphysics calculated to offend both the pious and atheists alike. This video is not recommended viewing for anyone easily offended by controversial statements about religion.

See you next week!

Kory never needs the excuse of intoxication to offend the masses.


Love the Michael Moore interview.

As for the last video, it's probably too deep to get into too much right now. I'll just say that I both agree and disagree with you.


I'm just relieved that nobody seems to hate me for the third video. I don't care if they agree with me :P


It's because of your presentation. You come across as an academic as opposed to someone pushing some ideological agenda. Even if were to push some ideological agenda. :)

It's a lot more fun to hear Frankenstein's monster wax articulately on the topic rather than say: I don't buy into any of the stuff out there.


I wish that that second video had been around that time someone put a body in my trunk. It would've saved me a lot of unnecessary trouble.


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