Previously on “Frankenstein!”
by Kory Schaubhut

Frankenstein’s monster declared himself dictator of YouTubia, a quasi-real representation of the YouTube web site. His Army of Frankenstein killed some people. And he taught you about brainwashing. This week the story continues:

Frankenstein tells you about Koans and Propaganda

In which Uncle Frankenstein drinks too much Jack Daniels and then spends almost ten minutes drunkenly ranting at you about the nature of propaganda.

click image for video

Army of Frankenstein: War on SPAM

In which the Army of Frankenstein takes the fight to the enemy and in which the audio is annoyingly way too loud.

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Army of Frankenstein: WHY WE FIGHT HATERS
In which the Army of Frankenstein takes the fight to the enemy some more.

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Frankenstein: Mission Accomplished
In which Frankenstein prematurely declares victory and receives his comeuppance from Che Guevara. Heh. Comeuppance. I always wanted to use that word.

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Bonus Video:
“Drawing Mysterywalker’s Frankenstein” (fan-made video)

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There’s some progress in audio quality this time around. I apologize to anyone who feels put off by the YouTube-oriented nature of this storyline. As I mentioned last week, it was largely conceived as a way to take a break from intensive production work over the holidays. Frankenstein seems to have developed a small following on YouTube and hopefully some of those people will visit FTTW.

Kory was not under the influence of Jack Daniels when he made these videos. Maybe.



Kory ... these are phenomenal. Certainly it's a niche, but exploit it for all it's worth. It's funny and well done.

Sound is so tricky. What you perceive to be a small improvement I consider a quantum leap in clarity. Are you using Audacity for your audio?

I could probably go on a huge tear about propaganda, but it is suffice to say that it would be a largely semantic argument ... one man's news and all that.

Glad to see you're starting to get some recognition at the tube.


Congrats on your following at Youtube. That's kinda cool.


That's very cool, and well deserved.

And now that I have the sound back on my computer, I can go back and enjoy all your previous stuff that I missed.


Thanks! I really like the new email notifications when people post comments. Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to post long responses from work... heh.

Audio: I dunno what Audacity is, but I'm looking into it now. The major improvement was just getting a better "studio-quality" microphone. I also clean up the audio a little differently now since the noise the new mike picks up is different. I still use wavpad for that tho.

Regarding the propaganda examples, they're totally debatable. Disregarding minor nuances, I think I was overall pretty accurate. In the end the whole thing was me drunkenly ranting. I just had some notes I scribbled down first since otherwise I might have forgotten what topic I was even talking about.

A funny thing I found online is that "propaganda" is actually the word for "advertising" in many spanish-speaking countries. Southern rim states or whatever they call it

The media, as in journalism specifically, kind of bugs me these days. It's not so much what they report or what they say or don't say, because it's all pretty much fair enough in my book. I'll set aside discussion of the "fourth estate" for some other time/venue. The thing that generically bugs me about the media is the continued pretense of journalistic objectivity. Journalism is more and more op ed style in content these days. Most sides of the political spectrum seem to be represented... I just wish they'd openly acknowledge that they're representing, vs. "presenting."

I mean we listen to normal people talk with bias all the time and it doesn't subvert our own thoughts. It's perfectly fine to be biased (read "have opinions and beliefs") as long as you don't perpetuate a myth of objectivity. "Fair and balanced," indeed. :P

- Kory


As I'm sure you've found out by now, Audacity is a freeware audio editing program. It was created in and operates similarly to Adobe Audition (which used to be Cool Edit Pro).

It's cool because you'll be able to do all kinds of neat audio effects, normalize your audio, tweak things as necessary and just have fun learning the program. Most blogger podcasters use Audacity, or at least started with it. I use it now instead of Cool Edit because it's newer and there's stuff constantly being produced for it by the end users.

On propaganda: Surprisingly, I'm not sure that my thoughts on media are formulated. Sometimes I think they are and then something comes along that makes me reevaluate my opinion about the subject.

Completely agree with you about the "objective" news media. It seems as if they believe that their commentators can report whatever opinions they hold and as long as they offer commentators with opposing points of view, it's balanced. Of course, the big F was the first to gain popularity doing this, but everyone's following suit.

I do believe that the media as a collective unconscious will always produce a balance of news. You'll never get your objectivity from any one source, but several sources and types of media give you the objectivity you crave. Theoretically.


No major disagreement. But your addition of "theoretically" leads me to nitpick a little. You never actually get the objectivity, you just get it in theory. Just like no American family actually gets the 2.5 kids.


It's certainly not spoonfed to you. You do have to work to get your objectivity. But I'd argue that that's always been the case.


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