The Final Four..Wait, This Is The NFL
by Ernie Williams

Well my friends, after last weekend's divisional round, which featured some of the best football games we have seen all year, here we are. This weekend it’s The AFC and NFC Conference Championships. Four teams, two games. These teams have come a long way and now each one is only one game away from making it to The Big Game, also known as The SUPERBOWL. butkus.gif

This is what every person on these teams has worked for since training camps started all the way back in July. To make it to this point is something to be proud of. If your team is still in it, I hope you are enjoying the ride.

Of course, only one team can win each game this weekend, that means somebody is going to go home disappointed and somebody is going to move on for a shot at winning The Superbowl.

I still have not decided on the proper tailgating treats for Sunday. Last weekend I went with chili (3 bowls consumed) and hot-dogs. This weekend I’m thinking sausages, peppers and onions. It’s a classic combo that is sure to please The Football Gods. Maybe some buffalo wings too… Yeah. Sounds good.

How about you? Let us know what you have going on for the games on Sunday.
Sunday, Jan. 21

New Orleans at Chicago: 3:00 pm – FOX

Chicago is in it’s first Conference Championship game since 1988. So why does it seem like people in Chicago are so unhappy with their team? Rex Grossman is not a perfect quarterback by any means, but he’s gotten The Bears to this point, just one game away from The Superbowl. Grossman seems to be very unpopular among Bears fans. I know he makes mistakes but at the same time, look where this team is. I can’t figure it out.

That is just my view as an outsider. Maybe I am wrong about this? Feel free to set me straight in the comments.

New Orleans is playing in the first NFC Championship game in the team’s entire history. They have an explosive offense with the exciting combination of quarterback Drew Brees and rookie running back Reggie Bush. With everything that went on with Hurricane Katrina and the City of New Orleans, this Saints team coming back to The Superdome and making it to the title game is the feel-good story of the year. I think it’s great to see. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

DonovanColts.jpgNew England at Indianapolis: 6:30 pm – CBS

The Patriots and Colts meet once again in the playoffs with a trip to The Superbowl on the line. This time it’s on The Colts home turf in the air conditioned comfort of the RCA Dome.

The Colts defeated The Patriots during the regular season 27-20 in a game where The Patriots turned the ball over 5 times. The Patriots have cleaned up the turnover problem since then and their receivers are clicking with Tom Brady. Defensively The Patriots are playing great as well. They are tough against the run and are very good at preventing teams from scoring once they reach the red-zone, (the area between the 20 yard-line and the End Zone.)

The mark against the Colts this year has been their inability to stop the run, but in the playoffs they have done an excellent job of handling two good running backs in Kansas City’s Larry Johnson and Baltimore’s Jamal Lewis. With Colts quarterback Peyton Manning not playing his best in the playoffs so far, it has actually been the Colts defense that has kept them in these last two playoff games and the leg of former Patriots kicker, Adam Vinatieri, that has provided the scoring for The Colts.

Expect both of these teams to lay it all on the line in this game. The Colts want to get The Patriots monkey off their back once and for all. The Patriots want to prove that they are still the team to beat in the AFC. Add in the fact that the winner moves on to The Superbowl and you’ve got the makings of a classic (and a potential heart-attack in my living room.)

Enjoy this weekends games everyone!

Ernie is just wondering what to do when this all over



The weather forecast for Chicago on Sunday is 20 degrees and snow. That does not bode well for the warm weather Saints.

By the way the weather page I looked at to get the Chicago forecast had an ad featuring a pic of a hot blonde wearing a football jersey with the number '69' on it. The ad said 'meet the locals' Advertising genius.


The ad said 'meet the locals'



I won't be making it this weekend, cause I made them last weekend and the weekend before - but buffalo wings made with Original Juan's #37 hot sauce have always gone over well. Cut the hot sauce with butter to get the level of heat you want.


You know, I'm not that big into football. Haven't been since I was 13 or so. But it's nice to see the Saints finally have a team make it this far. So, I will be pulling for my home-state team.


I like my hot-sauce pure, uncut and in a big red bottle that has a sticker with flames on it.

But that's just me.


Anything cut with butter can't be bad =)

I'm just sayin'


For anybody out there who is still wondering who they should root for on Sunday, just be aware that if The Colts actually make it to the Superbowl you will see EVEN MORE ADVERTISEMENTS that feature Peyton Manning's face.

I know it does not seem possible for Manning to appear in any more commercials than he already does, but somehow they will find a way.

Just something to keep in mind when picking your teams... That's all. Thank you.


I'm going with the Pats again.

And Rooster Sauce.


Da Bears are my team, but if they lose to the Saints after all the Saints have been will STILL suck because FUCK the Saints, FUCK New Orleans, and FUCK all the Katrina laiden sympathy, it's Da Bears' year and I'm sick and freaking tired of hearing how we all need to pull for the Saints and New Orleans! People from Chicago didn't build their freaking city below sea level, why should they have to suffer another year of misfortune and misery? Haven't we suffered enough? It's been 11 years! We're due dammit!!!

I wonder if it's too late to get a Pizza Unos delivered via FedEx?



It's the name...Rex (hello sailor) Grossman (hello?).

This kid would have been beat up just for showing up for school in my neighborhood...and that would have been by the nuns.




Or it could be that he's just not weird ENOUGH! McMahon anyone?


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