Practical Advice for Aspiring Bums
by Kory Schaubhut

This video introduces Ricky Rat, who pulls back the veil to reveal some never before revealed secrets of the mysterious bum community. In only two minutes and 30 seconds, you will learn how to get FREE MONEY, FREE FOOD, and even FREE WATER! Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Also, I'd like to inform you all that during February I'll be moving -- so the next handful of Fictional Universes are likely to be, um, filler. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Kory just assumes we are an understanding bunch........



In certain states any establishment that serves food or beverages has to provide water, for free, to anyone who comes in their shop. In Arizona, this law was inacted after a spate of hospitalizations of homeless folks due to dehydration.

Another good way to get cash would be to donate plasma.

Remember, if the alcohol tastes like turpentine, it's no longer good.


With a library card and a PO box one could possibly set up some sort of 419 type scam. You know, for the highly motivated bum.


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