Free Coffee Day!! Free Coffee, Dammit!!!
by Ernie Williams

Ok it’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything about football so I suppose I should do something about that. It’s free-agency time and The Patriots are going out of their minds wild this year. They have made key free-agent acquisitions in basically every position that was considered a weak spot heading into the off-season, from linebacker, to receiver, tight-end to running back. And we have not even gotten to the NFL Draft yet, where The Pats still have two number one picks.

What’s going on with the other teams in the league you ask? How the hell should I know? It’s the off-season! What that hell do you want from me? Who do you think I am, Peter fucking King?

I’m only paying attention to my team right now. Got anything we need to know about what your team has or has not done yet this off-season? That’s what the comment section is for!


386.jpgSince the Boston Bruins have basically eliminated themselves from any shot at making the NHL playoffs at this point, I have hereby decided to choose The NY Islanders as my backup hockey team. Should the Isles not get in, I have the Toronto Maple Leafs as my backup, backup team. And if Toronto does not make it, then I’ll settle for The Ottawa Senators.

Basically the situation here is that all of the teams I really like in the Eastern Conference are still fighting for a playoff spot.

In the West it’s basically the same thing, so in the Western Conference I am rooting for San Jose, mainly due to the Joe Thornton connection.


Is it just me, or is it taking forEVER for baseball season to start? Jesus-Christ!! When is baseball gonna get here?? I am so sick of Spring Training, I can’t even tell you.

I have not watched a single Spring Training game. It holds no interest for me. Who cares what happens in these pre-season Spring Training games? It’s just guys working on different pitches, and guys working on their swings, and working on their fielding, etc etc etc. Spring Training baseball is completely meaningless from a spectator perspective.

You hit the ball, you throw the ball, you catch the ball. You eat sunflower seeds and you spit them out. You play grab-ass and stretch out and jog around the field a few times… I can’t get into it.

I want the real games to start, NOW.


Wednesday was the first day of Spring AND it was free iced coffee day at Dunkins. Regardless of the fact that the temps were below freezing, coffee is coffee, iced or not, and free is free, so on my work-break I decided to head to the local gas station, which also conveniently houses a Dunks inside, in order to fill up the tank and acquire my free iced beverage.

One of the guys that I work with decided to accompany me for the ride, just to get some air. I pulled into the gas station and filled up the car. Before heading inside to get my free and refreshing iced coffee I asked my buddy, 'Aren't you going in for a coffee?'


'Why not? How can you turn down free Dunkins coffee? It’s fuckin’ FREE!'

'Because I don't drink coffee. And you KNOW I don't drink coffee,' he replied smoothly.

'Well you can always get one and give it to me!' I said, blinking innocently.

'Yeah, I know. And I know that's what you're really after, isn’t it, Mister Ulterior Motive, so no, no extra free coffee for you.'

'Fuckin’ bastard... Fine!’

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All I know is my boy Brett is coming back, and the Pack has gotten rid of a couple of guys I was sad to see go.

Of course, my other boys, the Colts, are just getting fine tuned in the off season.

I'm confused about these other sports of which you speak...there are others?


How do you feel about Randy Moss maybe getting traded to Green Bay?

By the Colts fine tuning are you referring to the players and coaches that are going to other teams? ha. ;)


Look at all those Dunkins coffees!! Woooo!


I'm not sure Randy Moss is GB material, but who knows. That could be interesting, to say the least. They need him, though, or someone of equal caliber. MY BOY NEEDS HELP.

As for the Colts...I am VERY sad seeing that Cato June et all are gone. Very sad indeed. I'm not sure they'll look as good this year.


Yeah there were rumors floating around about Moss maybe coming to the Pats at one point. Obviously a great receiver, when he wants to be, and there's the problem.

Plus, not sure anybody wants to find out if he's going to behave himself or not. Getting him is risky.


Props to your friend. Coffee is disgusting.


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