The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
by Kristine

Today’s review is about the novel “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards, her second book.

In a nutshell, the year is 1964 and a doctor, David, and his wife, Norah, are expecting a baby when she goes into labor during a Kentucky snowstorm. David gets Norah to his clinic, where Caroline, his nurse, shows up, and they deliver a healthy baby boy they name Paul. Unbeknownst to everyone, there is a twin. A girl with Down’s Syndrome-Phoebe. Now, during the labor & delivery Norah was drugged so she hardly remembers any of it, and what she does recall is vague and foggy.

memory_cover.jpgWhen David discovered that Phoebe was handicapped, he handed her over to Caroline and instructed his nurse to take her to a home for mentally challenged kids, so she bundled up Phoebe & took off for the home.

When Norah awoke she asked after the twin, saying she could remember there being another, and David told her the girl baby died and was whisked off to the funeral home for burial immediately because he thought it was best.

The deception continues when, upon arriving at the home, Caroline decides that the care is unacceptable so she takes the baby to her apartment, quits her job, moves to another town and never looks back.

There ensues a novel following the next 25 years of lies and trickery which affects the birth family as well as Caroline, while Phoebe grows up to be a happy & healthy woman. Paul rebels, Norah drinks and feels something is missing from her life because she never saw Phoebe, David is wracked with guilt which drives him to be distant.

I’ll leave it there since I don’t want to give too much away. I found this book to be excellent to have on camping trips or in the trunk of the car in case of emergencies. It would make fantastic kindling or a flair starter. Not that I am all for burning books but this one is worthy of destruction. I was literally bored to tears and could not wait for it to be over.

Let me explain. I am not a person who enjoys pages of narrative without dialogue. I need characters that speak. Speak to a grocer, speak to their pet, speak to each other.

Have any of you seen the movie The New World with Colin Farrell? Do you recall the amount of time he spent wandering around in the weeds? I had to turn that movie off due to the fact that the longer I watched, the more I wanted to start frying bugs with a magnifying glass to amuse myself. This book was like that. Wandering around in the weeds, laying on the ground, staring at the ocean—everything but SPEAK.

There comes a point in the book when David finally confesses to a stranger all that he’s done. He then brings that female stranger home, who is about the same age as his son, and she moves in. What in the world??

I wanted to smack these characters upside their heads for their inability to communicate with each other about what they were feeling and missing. This book angered me. I had zero sympathy for these people. I wanted them all to die. Slowly & painfully.

The first chapter began with promise and action. After that it went downhill fast and finished with this reader slumped over asleep, covered in drool, dreaming of gouging her eyes out with a rusty spoon.



Please excuse my typos and anything else.

Up there it should say "flare" and not "flair" as I'm talking about road hazard burning things and not accessories at TGIFriday's.

Thanks for reading!


The premise sounds interesting, but maybe more suited to a Lifetime movie?


Great review! If I ever need kindling, I will know where to go!


I was going to say the same thing about it sounding like a Lifetime movie! Thanks for the heads up!


Excellent review. This definitely sounds like a book I'll be skipping.


Man, if only I'd read this review before I shelled out the $14. To say I hated this book, would be to bring in more emotion than I could ever feel for it.

Really, this book represents everything bad about the $14-dollar-paperback book genre.


I know, right?? A pile of crap is more entertaining than this book.


A "wave-off" on a bad book is a service to mankind. You are to be commended for that.

Also, I am a suck-up newbie to FTTW. All the rest of these guys are still trying to figure out what kinda moron Michele brought to the party. "Dave's nice, I guess, but there's something, I don't know, wrong with him".



OH NO, Dave in Texas is here?

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