A Different Kind Of Ride
by Kali Pornia

so i've had this motorcycle since uh 2001 and i got a really bad deal on financing because, well because it's a fucking motorcycle and every idiot knows not to finance a motorcycle... except me in 2001, that is.

there's a good story as to when and how i got the bike, but i'll save that for another time. suffice it to say that i was in LA and i hated people and traffic and the easiest way to get around all that was a motorcycle. so my boyfriend at the time bought me a motorcycle for my birthday. well, except that i was the only one working at the time so if you really wanna be truthful you'd say that i BOUGHT MY FUCKING SELF a motorcycle for my birthday, but really that'd just be splitting hairs.

evil1.JPG anyway where was i oh yeah, so i haven't dated any motorcycle riders since i've been back from LA so the damn thing just sits there. why? you ask, well i'll tell you. 98% of all motorcycle riders are guys. so the thought of me going out riding for a whole saturday with 10 other guys doesn't really please a boy. call it jealousy. of the bike or the boys one never knows...

so now that i'm non-motorcycle-rider-less (very carefully chosen words, mind you) my friend helped me take my bike into the shop to get the carbs cleaned out and get it back on the road. also my friend gave me a jacket and has a helmet that he says i can have. fuck it if i get a pair of gloves i'm all set for the fucking summer.

and i rode the thing home last night and i forgot how freaking FAST that thing is! so awesome. fur-zearw... (that's what it sounds like when i make the fast noise.)

it feels like a part of my personality that i've been missing is BACK! you either get that, or you don't. just sayin' the motorcycle part of me was idle for far too long. AND this sunday we're going to watch motorcycle racing, yay! a very fun summer is shaping up so far.

(p.s. the puppies are due sunday night. i'm saying there are only 3. she's not half as fat as she was last time.)

Kali just needs to go to the store for a loaf of bread. She'll be right back.

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Yeah, sister!!! I can sooooo see you screamin' down the highway. Not sure where you're at, but if you ever get up my way, we've got some great roads for riding.


When turtle gets his bike, you'll have to come up here and go riding with us.

(The "us" part of that happening when I get up my nerve to get on the bike with him)


ya i'm fucking psyched. but uh it's a different kind of bike than turtle's... let's just say it's not really made for long hauls...

that does NOT preclude me from riding it up to NY though...


cruise on up here

we could cruise around and start trouble


Get your BF a shirt that says, 'If you can read this, the bitch fell off' ha ha



What kind of puppies?


i don't have a BF but if i did he'd have his own fucking motorcycle.

plus now that i'm re-reading your comment ernie it just doesn't make sense, but i still love you to pieces.

miniature dachsunds, timmer... i CAN"T WAIT!!!11oneone


Sorry Kali when you said riding your bike with 10 other guys does not please a boy, I thought you meant a 'specific' boy. My bad :P

I am glad you still love me though and I will gladly be your biker bitch if I ever get the chance :)


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