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This is my official Amie website. It has the comic archives updated until the end of Chapter 3. It also has polls, articles from the artist, which would be me, and lots more. You can even submit your own fan art!

Amie at Deviant Art
This is the Amie comic on an art site so other artists can critique my work. It also hasd all the artistic info about my pieces, like the type of supplies I used. For those artist geeks out there.

Deviant Art Page
This page is to my OTHER artwork. It shows all the stuff BESIDES Amie that I've worked on, along with little stories about each piece.

Beyond that you can always find me and my comic here on, where I'm here every week.

Joy W. C. Carbonell--(AKA Jo)
Was born in Rutland, Vermont to loving hippy parents. From the age that she could hold a crayon in her hands, she's been drawing on everything (Walls, paper, people). Jo has been an artist all her life (all 20-some-odd years of it) and has plans to be a storyteller in the graphic novel format.

Six years ago she started her first comic strip called "Another Day...". She used the only insiration she had, her friends. About 3 years ago, after most of her inspiration had moved away, she put aside A.D . to start a new comic called simply "Amie" (it means "friend" in French). She began Amie not really knowing where it would go, if anywhere. She began with an idea she had started to work on many years before, A female mutant who was an escaped Lab animal.

In early 2006 Jo applied to go to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. While she was interviewed by the famous Mike Chen (Robotech fame) and was accepted into the 3 year program, she could not afford to go, but plunged herself into her comic after being laid up with a herniated disk in her lower back. For four months all she could do was watch movies and draw. Needless to say she got a lot of work done.

Thanks to a friend's mother, who reads this site, Jo was contacted about an offer for a serialized comic on a weekly basis. Jo contacted Michele and Turtle and here she is! Since then she has helped three other people become writers for FTTW(including her mother, Pat, who writes the articles for "The Vermont Village Witch", Deb who writes about the NHL, and her close friend Matthew who writes about being a drag queen in Vermont.) and hopefully will be adding more with the new year.

Amie is now on several different websites and hopefully in the future she will get offered to draw for a paycheck. Jo moved back to Rutland (from the south) at the age of 15 y/o (after a sniper shooting in her apt. complex) and has remained in her hometown since. Today she's still drawing Amie and hopes that everyone enjoys her comic as much as she likes drawing it.

If you have any questions about Jo or her comic, don't be shy to ask!

Jo's Faves:::

Color: Chartruese (believe it or not)
Art Supply: black fine-tip felt pens
Music: Blues and Jazz, but I mostly listen to Classic Rock.
Movie: I'm a big fan of Comic-book related movies. I have two 6ft long shelves filled with those movies.
Book: I don't have a favorite book, but I like reading stuff by Tom Robbins, Douglas Adams, W & R Pini, and Terry Prachett.
Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's "Everything but the..."
Animal: Zebra and cats
Clothing: I have a pair of black stretch slacks that I adore wearing because I look oh-so good in them. Beyond that I have some duel-tee-shirts that I enjoy wearing.
Drink: Vanilla Creme Coffee
Pasttime: drawing, analyzing human behavior, teaching my cats to hula hoop.
Person: that ould have to be my mom. She's the best mom in the world. She's more than my mom, she's my best friend. How many of you can say that?
Activity: swimming.
Cartoon Character: Aeon Flux, Felix the Cat, Clark Kent, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.
Literary Character: Dirk Gentley
Hobby: using my imagination.

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