hella cool!
by Michele Christopher

Thanks to turtle for this way cool shirt. He's always doing stuff like this. Finding ways to make me smile. He rules like that. It's why I love him. Well one of the reasons, anyhow. And he makes me smile a lot, which is really neat. Smiling is good. Turtles are good. Being in love is good. New shirts are good. It's all good!

Hellacopters are good!

Hellacopters Fire Fire Fire
Hellacopters Bore Me
Hellacopters (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
Hellacopters 24H Hell



i'm glad you like it, michele

plus it glows in the dark!


goddamn. Gotta get some action has the most ass kickinest riff ever.


Holy shit awesome.. I want ten


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