musical interlude II: we love the ingalls!
by Michele Christopher

I hereby declare Faster Than the World to be

The Official Site of Little House on the Prairie.

Yea, the Ingalls family might not be too pleased with the myriad sexual references to their brethren, but they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.

So, to make this official, a download for you:

Theme to Little House on the Prairie.


Yea, that's how we roll.

Ok, so I'm bored. I took a half day off work today and spent the second part of the afternoon getting my ass kicked in Super Mario Strikers by a wise ass 13 year old.


turtle have you checked the fttw email?



thank you kali!

you now have given me erotic thoughts of nellie being gagged up with a little ball in her mouth


and thank you michele for the laugh

this kinda stuff always happens when i take a nap.


exactly the effect i was going for!


i love it when someone makes nellie cry. Warms the little cockles of the lump of coal where my heart should be. And i think Mr. Olson should have slapped Harriet around a bit.


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