wearing your heart on your sleeve
by Turtle Jones

So we were here thinking today, yes we do that, about the neatest things about me coming to New York. Sure I want to see her. Sure I want to feel her skin. Sure I want to get a few pics in while I knock at the door of the Amittyville horror house. I do that. Don't ask me about the grassy knoll pics in Dallas. Cause I took them. I saw the second shooter. Might be a little offensive, but funny none the less.

But clothes!

You ladies damn well know you wear clothes of you significant other. I'm still not sure if it's sexy or annoying to see the girl you are in love with wearing the last pair of boxers you have. Chicks always do that. Even if you aren't dating, whatever you have is fair game. Like I can't wear a thong without you ladies thinking I'm a pervert.

Sometimes life is not fair.

But today we will talk about clothes. Quick post about what you would you wear to show your love for the other. Some small symbol. I wear a Phoenix ring and Michele wears a Turtle ring. She wears a chain that has been around the world with me. Something I have had with me for what seems like decades. But, it is hers now. Everyday I wake up smiling that she is wearing what is me.

But, let's talk about clothes.

What do you wear to show how cool the other one is? What do you want to get?

Keep in mind our comments take all HTML and we have no holding period.

So go for it.

Here's ours.

turtles attire

peckers.jpg wpshirt.jpg

michele's attire

gotturtle.jpg turtthing.jpg

So like Molly Hatchet, we are flirting with disaster here when we wear these things around. Sure there will be questions and in most cases, answers about what they mean, but life is short and Chef Ramsey is on at nine. So let's just do this. I need my abuse from The Chef before the night ends.

We will be back with something bigger later. We were just messing around online today and found these.

We will be back tonight

But we want to know this from you.

Have you ever worn something to let the world know that who you are with is the greatest person in the world?

all images from cafe press


if you don't get the woodpecker or turtle thing, you haven't been paying attention


i have my wife's name tattooed on my left bicep. that's devotion.


i have my wife's name tattooed on my left bicep. that's devotion.

this is what we are doing in a few weeks



the turtle is for her

the bird for me.


Other than my wedding ring not really but I am looking into getting a tattoo with my Wife and kids' 1st names in a ring shaped design. I have never gotten a tattoo so I have no idea how to find a good place to go... That's what's taking me so long.


how to find a good place to go is easy. You just need to go to a place that will draw up your ideas for free and give you the pic. Ask the how much the charge and deciding whether you like it or not, stick it. Granted, I am not the best person to talk to about quality ink but if you look at it and like it, then do it.

It doesn't hurt.


Smart Half and i have matching tattoos that i designed. Got em on our first anniversary. An algebraic equation that says "Bass player plus math guy divided by nothing equals forever". Mine is on my neck and his is on his back.


Pril, that is so cool. I'd love to see that. Do you have a pic of either?


pril i have a smart half too and that's just about the coolest thing i've ever heard, thanks.

the boy will never get a tattoo. and that's good because we only have a budget for one addict. heh.

what do i wear to show my love? a little white nurse betty dickies dress with high heels that never stays on for long. :)


michele i can get pics of it. I still need to find the ones of kira for turtle :P had a rough weekend, i'll get to it asap. hah.


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