The turtle gets a surprise
by Turtle Jones

Our resident artist made something for me today. She was giving me some ideas today on what to write about when I was out getting pizza. Since in about five minutes we are going to start writing tonights features, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you Michele. You have helped me thru alot, inspired me, and this was a great drawing. And the cheese pizza was meh, as always. But, even thou the food sucks here, just remember one thing.

I love you.

And thank you for taking the time to do this pic.

Let's get back to the punk rock, ok?


Ok. I was on the phone with him while he was running errands. For reasons I won't get into, he needed me to describe a turtle to him. I found this in an online coloring book. So while i was on the phone with him i sat here and colored it in in photoshop.

it's kind of a ninth grade thing to do, but sometimes being in love can make you feel like you are 15 all over again.

i'm glad you liked it, babe.


i was asking her cause I needed to get a turtle tattoo on my ass.

gang stuff, ya know.


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