from the music vault: The Beatles
by Michele Christopher

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Favorite Beatles Album

I really don't care what you say or do, but you really have to think that anything these guys wrote had some affect of you. These guys were the epitome of getting to where you wanted to go. Amphetamine and rat cellar nights. Three shows a night. Seven days a week. They keep going. They were bigger than god.

So what was your favorite album?

Here's ours

Turtle is up.

Rubber Soul

Two words. Norwegian Wood. That music. That story. That voice. Forgotten and left in the past. That was a song about just laughing a day away with a lover while looking at everything but understanding nothing. Sleeping in a bathtub while she sleeps in the bed. Just waking up with sand of something that could have been slipping thru your fingers as you looked at the clock.

Thinking back on the night before when someone tells you they had to go to work in the morning and you didn't cause of what you do. Kinda resembles what is going on now with your fearless leaders of FTTW.

This bird will never fly. One of the happiest and saddest songs ever. Something about celebrating a love so fast and letting it go the next morning. Not like a one night stand. Just something that touched and flew away. Enjoying someone and then the end.

I think it is one of the best songs ever written. It tells you of life in two minutes. Sure, it's sad as fuck, but it lets you in on what has happened to you in the past. It tells you that at some point in your life, this might happen to you. Whatever you were thinking before this, just forget it. Hold on to the seconds you have and enjoy every moment you have with her.

Just savor the moment.

Because the bird might fly away the next day. - T

Beatles - Norwegian Wood


If you know me well, you know I’m not a big Beatles fan. I pretty much dismiss their early stuff as boy-band pop music. But their later stuff, I was able to get into some of it. Abbey Road. At least the second side. The White Album. And -


Jesus. 1966? This album is almost as old as me. I remember listening to this on my parent’s stereo, one of those huge cabinet deals that look like a piece of furniture. This had to be the early 70's, I guess. I ask my mother - is this the same Beatles that sang "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"? Yes? Really? Wow.

I borrowed the album and brought it in my room. This was headphones stuff. I guess I was about 11. Maybe 12. Thinking this was a trippy kind of album, though I didn’t really have the word “trippy” in my vocabulary at the time. Psychedelic. That was a big word then. That’s what Revolver was.

I kind of grew into this album. The older I got, the more the songs changed meaning, the more the music felt like something different. But the thing that remained was the songs I skipped. Eleanor Rigby? Pass. Gotta Get You Into My Life? Pass. Good Day Sunshine? Pass. And there were songs where when they were done I lifted the needle and put it back on the beginning of the track again. A couple of times. I’m Only Sleeping. She Said, She Said. You can pretty much figure out that the heavy McCartney tunes don’t do much for me but the Lennon tunes do. In fact, I have this disdain for McCartney that eats at my soul, but that’s another story for another day.

She Said is the one song I still listen to all the time. This is about being in a relationship where the other person makes you feel meaningless. Where you are with someone, but alone. And nothing matters anymore. You may as well be dead because everything sucks now and it's not going to get any better. Kind of grabs you. What was just a sad song to me when I was younger became a really depressing song later on. But I listen anyhow, because it gives poetic words to something I've felt.

Beatles - She Said, She Said

Kind of a departure from punk rock, eh? . Really, I never thought I'd be writing about the Beatles here. Or at all. But sometimes you just like to recognize music that had an influence on you. Or on the bands you like. I mean, it's the Beatles. Gotta give props. And were were both able to find albums by them we really liked. And we did it without really bagging on McCartney. Much.

So what's your favorite Beatles album?


The one with Twist and Shout on it, cause to me, that's the original punk rock song.


I like Revolver best as well. It's an amazing album from start to finish. Personally I don't like Sgt. Pepper at all. Most of the songs are really poor and its "legend" status makes me like it a whole lot less.


White Album. 4 sides and at least that many genres covered on each side. Plus they discovered flange. Flange!


I like a lot of the Beatles. The sheer scope of everything they did musically was amazing. When they were on, they were on. And when they were off ... well, they were off.

But, mainly, I'm an Elvis guy. SO ...

Tim, as for early punk sounding stuff, listen to Little Richard's Keep A Knocking


i'm as dumb about the beatles as avril is about punk rock...

i like
why don't we do it in the road -- but beatles fans seem to hate it. and i like
lovely rita -- because i think it's funny that "rita" can sound like "meter" ooh and
dear prudence,
helter skelter -- (mostly cuz a siouxsie) and
she came in through the bathroom window -- and i will always like
let it be -- because my mommy's name is mary and in my hours of darkness mother mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom...

(speaking of which, turtle we all know you picked rubber soul cuz it has michelle on it. even if it is spelled wrong.)

so if all those songs were on one album it would be my favorite. -- or i could just go burn only those songs on a cd. ok i'm offically rambling...


actually she hates that song and when I hum it she is not to happy. So I stayed of that song.

My choices were Rubber Soul or Revolver.

She snagged Revolver so I did Rubber Soul because of Norwegian Wood.

And you think you have me all figured out. tsk tsk


I was tortured with that song when I was little and turtle knows it.

Some punkass kid with a saxaphone that lived across the street from me would play that song every time I walked past his house. It was torture.


Every michele I know hates "Michelle"!


Beatles For Sale; I just love that album, for whatever reason. The cover shows how beat up there were after the intial onslaught of Beatlemania, plus the Buddy Holly cover "Words of Love" and the ultimate seeing your ex in public with someone new song, "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party"


Every michele I know hates "Michelle"!

that's why I don't sing it to her

I sing turtle songs to her, but they are mostly from Sesame Street


turtle. "Happy Together". hehe. I don't like any beatles albums. I get crucified for it constantly. Dudes i just never got into them. I like "Something". That's it.


...Blackbird is beautiful...and Julia is a haunting song...


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