The Fable of Turdburglar Cockpiece, the Dog with an Unfortunate Name
by: Uberchief
by A Guest Author

I have no idea how to introduce this story by Uberchief... Except to say that my neighbors didn't take too kindly to my joyous laughter echoing down the breezeway this morning, followed by my immediate coughing fit as coffee flew out of my nose and splattered on the table in front of me.... The older couple two doors down looked out their window and told me to be quiet... Here he is, Uberchief...

You know, this reminds me of the fable of Turdburglar Cockpiece, the Dog with an Unfortunate Name. Little Turdburglar loved playing with his friends, but they always made fun of him for his name. They made fun of him enough, in fact, that he began to hate his parents. After a particularly gruesome ribbing by Percy Porcupine, Turdburglar decided to go talk to Bird about his problem, as was the custom in those days.

"Bird," said Turdburglar, "why did my parents give me such a horrible name? I hate them for it."

"That's not very nice," said Bird. "Your name can't be that bad. What is it?"

"Turdburglar," said Turdburglar.

Bird scrunched up his little birdy face. "Wow, that is a pretty bad name. You know, this may be a problem that's too big for even me to deal with. But I have a friend who is good at this kind of thing."

Bird took a piece of bark from the tree and pecked and pecked and pecked. Then he gave that piece of bark to Turdburglar, who looked and saw that Bird had given him the phone number for Kyle Menendez.

The moral of the story is: if you need help solving a really tough problem, might as well head right to the source.



you can't say that.

can you?


Say what, kali ? I'm a big fan of saying what I want, when I want.... Which usually get's me a shot to the chops.....


the joke about the killing the parents thing...


that was funny as hell


As a parent myself, I can't condone the killing of parents.....

But I do support someone's right to make a joke about it.... Sorry if you didn't think it was as funny as I did....

If you thought that was bad, though... Just wait.... His next piece is even better....


Could have been worse. Good have given him a shotgun and a copy of For Whom the Bell Tolls.


no i fully thought it was funny. sometimes my sarcasm doesn't translate *sigh*


I almost forgot to put Uber's site in. So go visit him.



Shouldn't you be having sex right now?


Hey, even the best of us have to come up for air every now and then.


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